Song Review: DreamNote – Blue

DreamNote - BlueThus far, I picture DreamNote as a fizzy/fun girl group, characterized by this 2019 standout. But, 2020’s Wish and 2021’s Ghost started to reinvent their sound. And now, pre-release track Blue makes a case for the strength of their vocals.

As a song, Blue isn’t anything out of the ordinary. But as a performance, it piques my interest. There’s a nostalgic directness to its delivery and it doesn’t skimp on the vocal climaxes that make emotive ballads of this style so fun to sing along with. As always, I wish for stronger melody, but the heft of Blue’s arrangement makes up for some of those shortcomings. The bridge and final chorus are particularly nice. I love that guitar.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


6 thoughts on “Song Review: DreamNote – Blue

  1. This is the exact kind of a ballad I tend to enjoy listening to. Instead of being a drippy, faceless piece of nothing, there’s at least some sense of dynamic in the song. 8.25/10 for me, I guess.

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  2. They’re not a group we get to hear from them often but I’m glad that ever single they’ve released is stuff I would (and do listen to). I was really worried when this first started because I thought it was going to be a snoozefest but it’s a pleasant and beautiful track. Not groundbreaking but it definitely has its uses

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  3. I’ve been singing ghost all day now that they’ve come up. I think they pulled that sound off really well, I wouldn’t have minded if they went back to that. Im really curious about what this title track is gonna be


  4. I think they do a good job. We don’t hear this kind of ballad from a group these days, the full on belt it kind of song. I would love to hear a live live version, if anyone finds one, please share.

    As with others above, I also wish the person behind the buttons didn’t tweak all the buttons so much – listen for example at 2:45. I am sure this young woman has a very nice natural high soprano timbre. But it gets twisted to sound more like Taeyeon “I” or IU “Good Day” with a loud flat and fat note. Flat as in without much vibrato, just hit the note dead on and hold on by any means possible for a measure or two. (Some might call it brassy, but I think of brassy as Patti Lupone. Maybe “clarinety”?)

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