Song Review: aespa – Welcome to MY World

aespa - Welcome to MY WorldAhead of their album release next week, aespa have returned with the evocative Welcome to MY World (yes, the capitalization of “MY” is intentional!). Rather than hitting us over the head with intense hyperpop sounds, the track offers a more languid energy.

Welcome to MY World builds gradually, moving from downbeat, rock-influenced trap-pop to symphonic crescendo. This structure befits an introductory track but makes for an odd standalone. I’m eager to hear where its climactic grandeur leads in the context of the album. As a single, the track is moody but incomplete — like the opening credits to a movie.

However, Welcome to MY World is a great showcase for aespa’s vocals. It’s nice to hear their voices without all the bombast usually surrounding the production. When the instrumental finally stirs up, the drama arrives courtesy of a string section that buttresses their performance rather than overwhelm it. It’s a cinematic sound I’d love to hear utilized as part of a stronger song. I hope next week’s title track offers a suitable follow-up!

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


14 thoughts on “Song Review: aespa – Welcome to MY World

  1. This one is actually really lovely. I agree about their vocals, it is so refreshing to actually hear and focus on idols’ voices for once. The song doesn’t rush them.

    Also production feels rich without overpowring the song.

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  2. I have a good feeling that this will really grow on me a lot. This kind of song usually has great longevity, languid but not boring, polished but not unauthentic, and both the production and the vocals are able to enhance each other rather than overpower each other. Probably an 8.5 ish for me.

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  3. I think it’s great. Very cinematic, almost Bond opening credits song like. I enjoyed the guitar tone, little bits of experimental production, but that it was all foundation for some powerful AESPA/SM vocal sounds.
    Really hoping the upcoming title track packs a punch.

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  4. I find it odd, because it sounds like a languid ballad but is at heart an untempo. Way too slow. I mean try it, click 1.3x to about 1.4 x and it works way better. To me, they slowed it down deliberately, and too much.

    Also, clearly they decided to strip back all the AI alterego avatar image for aespa to try the girl next door New Jeans aesthetic. Not a criticism, just a commentary.

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  5. this is a nice midtempo that builds up heavily in its finale. rating is about right

    anyway since The Chaser’s 11th anniversary is coming up, imma do something really really special for the song on my channel 😊😊

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  6. I’ve been trying to figure out the key/mode of this song out of curiosity and can’t pinpoint it (best I could tell is a B phrygian dominant). anyone with a good hear and good music knowledge can tell?


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