Song Review: BTOB – Wind And Wish

BTOB - Wind And WishBTOB and Apink occupy a similar space in K-pop. Both are early-2010’s debuts still going strong today. And both have accomplished this with music that tends to be pretty safe and pleasant. There’s a sense of security attached to these groups that’s become increasingly rare in the fast-paced K-pop industry.

Wind And Wish (나의 바람) follows this approach, delivering a nice sound that distills years of trends into a mid-tempo sing-along and reminds listeners just how amiable the group is. If not for the guys’ always-robust vocal performance, the track would come dangerously close to filler. And even with those powerful voices, Wind And Wish is more charming than compelling.

More than anything, I wish the track dug its feet in and found a groove that felt less generic. Its production is quite bland, belying the effort put into the vocals. The tropical flourishes are a welcome twist, but even here the instrumental feels overly familiar and vanilla. That “adult contemporary” sheen has been a danger in BTOB’s music for some time and is usually elevated by a strong sense of melodies. Wind And Wish delivers a few good hooks, but nothing that will likely endure in the way their best material has.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


11 thoughts on “Song Review: BTOB – Wind And Wish

  1. I love the bsides Day&Night or Moonride better as titles, but this does have such a catchy hook. You sing it after hearing it once.
    Peniel is MVP for me. He has come so, so far since debut!

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      • I am a melody, they stole me away from Shinee without me realising it during the hiatus.
        Ilhoon has left a big hole, more so I think with his composing and producing. His rap was always great and very well written so of course he’s missed. But the pure pop sound of his compositions has left a gap in their discography. I don’t think we will see a title as fun as movie again.


  2. The chorus is great and I love hearing hyunsik in particular. The verses don’t do anything for me and the breakdown after the chorus feels unnecessary


  3. agree on the music alone but i think it was purposely made that way so that it can be danced to. there’s a lot of, how do i put it, spaces(?) in the song but i think they did that because they know they can’t belt and do harmonies live while dancing and so they did that minimally. but, we’ll see when they perform the song on stage!


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