Song Review: Secret Number – DOXA

Secret Number - DOXAWith the K-pop market as crowded as it is, there are bound to be plenty of groups whose music becomes difficult to distinguish from their peers. Secret Number fall into this category, with a discography that constantly changes style. I can’t point to any element that makes them stick out from the pack, even if they’ve released a few strong songs.

DOXA (독사) is another solid effort, most notable for its big, brassy instrumental. Its robust production sparks plenty of energy — especially when it bounds into its percussive post-chorus. The second verse is another highlight, with the brass taking center stage alongside the group’s rap.

Unfortunately, this production is paired with what I’d call “K-pop’s melodic mush.” There’s no real through-line or focal point in the songwriting — just a lot of flitting here and there. Even after several listens, I couldn’t repeat any of the melodies from DOXA‘s verses. Their attitude-heavy sound goes in one ear and out the other. The chorus is slightly more memorable, but struggles to match the potential of the song’s energy.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: C


10 thoughts on “Song Review: Secret Number – DOXA

  1. I just can’t anymore with this kind of song construction. I am so bored that I am irate. And so much noise, again with this style. Who thinks this sounds musical? What speaker system does this sound sonorous on?

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  2. the downfall of weeekly and secret number are unfortunate…

    they had so much potential

    secret number, please, embrace your inner t-ara


      • This is not a judgment on your taste as everyone’s is different and of equal merit but it really surprises me every time I see someone praise Fire Saturday- I thought it was genuinely one of the worst k-pop songs i’ve ever heard. Lol


  3. Another thing to complain about is the fact that Vine Entertainment still won’t let them release anything other than a single album! I’m fucking tired of this shit! LET SECRET NUMBER HAVE A MINI ALBUM ALREADY!

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  4. I have a weak spot for attitude brass and drumrolls. Marching band pop? I really enjoyed listening to the verses, but the chorus doesn’ t give me anything that sticks. There really isn’ t any melody to grab onto here, which is a shame.


  5. I’m tired of this kind of Kpop song , a lot of noise , attitude and often shouting instead of singing and not enough ( or any ) melody , this doesn’t stand out at all but gets lost in the noise

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