SUS4 – Pick Me Up

SUS4 - Pick Me UpSUS4 debuted last year without much fanfare, and have since lost two members to become a three-piece. None of this is particularly encouraging news, but they’re back with their second digital single Pick Me Up. This time around, the girls have gone for a lighter version of the upbeat, girly pop that’s made groups like GFriend and Lovelyz so successful.

The problem is, GFriend and Lovelyz have hooks for days. SUS4 are clearly working under the constraints of a lower budget, and it shows in the quality of the song. All the elements are there, from the hiccupy beat to the chirpy chorus, but the track lacks identity. The chorus is catchy, but completely familiar. The vocal arrangement and performance is effective, but expected. This wouldn’t be a problem if the melody hit a little stronger. Pick Me Up is the kind of song that you like instantly because it reminds you of tracks you’ve enjoyed before. But after a few listens, you end up going back to those superior songs and leaving SUS4 behind.

It’s a very common problem with rookie groups, and makes it even more impressive when a group can successfully break out of the pack. Unfortunately, for SUS4 to be able to do that, they’re going to need to stop following the trend and develop a more creative image.

 Hooks  5
 Production  4
 Longevity 4
 Bias  5
 RATING  4.5

2 thoughts on “SUS4 – Pick Me Up

  1. My overall: 0/10

    I don’t think Sus4 was not popularized by their fans. Their disappointment. Sus4 for trio should be with fourth member? It wasn’t.

    After that, Sus4 quickly seemed as fading into obscurity.


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