Ryeowook – The Little Prince

Ryeowook - The Little PrinceAfter the massive solo success Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has received, it only made sense that another of the group’s vocal line should release a solo. As a vocalist, Ryeowook has a completely different style than Kyuhyun, which heightened interest in how The Little Prince would sound.

Fortunately, the song gives Ryeowook’s light tenor plenty of room to display all of its charms and abilities. The song opens a cappella, before quickly transitioning to a light orchestral backing track — almost like a waltz. I appreciate how the instrumental swings, riding the pocket rather than simply breezing along as expected. This is particularly evident two thirds of the way through, when the track develops a strong back beat, complimented by some perfectly placed backing vocals. It helps set the song apart from traditional Korean ballads and gives the overall sound a sense of dynamism that’s often lacking in tracks like this. I’d compare it to the difference between playing traditional guitar and slap guitar, only not as dramatic a shift.

When it comes to Ryeowook as a vocalist, I look forward to the high notes, and the hook gives him ample opportunity to reach for the stars. It’s not long-lasting vocal fireworks, but instead just a quick falsetto before he pulls back to deliver the next line. In some ways, this is almost more effective and interesting than a slow, inevitable build to the climax.

 Hooks  7
 Production  9
 Longevity 8
 Bias  8


3 thoughts on “Ryeowook – The Little Prince

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