The Top Ten Best Songs by GIRL’S DAY

Top Ten Best Singles by Girl's DayGirl’s Day was one of the last major kpop groups I got into, and I’m sorry to say that their group name turned me off for much too long. It sounded to me like a tween lifestyle magazine, and conjured up images of slumber parties and secret diaries. But eventually, the strength of their music wore me down and I was surprised to find that many of their older singles are some of the catchiest dance pop in all of Korea.

10. Hug Me Once (2011)

A candy coated dance track with a cascading, synth-drenched chorus, it well-represents the group’s early, aegyo-filled material.

9. Twinkle Twinkle (2011)

Very similar to Hug Me Once in sound, but the melody and hooks work a bit better. It’s also home to one of their most memorable bridges.

8. Darling (2014)

A bit of a left turn for them, this summer romp nearly becomes a parody of itself, but its silliness is tempered by an incredibly bubbly and fun melody. Decidedly retro in tone, it’s practically the definition of “guilty pleasure.”

7. Something (2014)

All breathy coos and come-ons, Something built on the girls’ newfound sexy approach from 2013 and allowed them to show a more demure, slinky side to their signature dance sound.

6. Female President (2013)

Probably the group’s hardest hitting track, this female empowerment anthem marked an aggressive, beat and guitar-driven shift that they haven’t returned to since.

5. Oh! My God! (2012)

The most addictive of their earlier bubblegum material. The cute, colorful video only enhanced the song’s bright, irresistibly catchy melody and playful production.

4. Don’t Flirt (2011)

Not a main promotional track, and lacking a high budget music video, this song ranks high on my list nonetheless. It’s one of the weirder tracks in kpop, coming across as a frantic mix between early Abba and hyperactive anime. It’s a sugar rush slap to the face.

3. Nothing Lasts Forever (2010)

This attitude charged, rock influenced dance track showed off a maturity in skill and sound that they’d kept hidden up to this point. The last minute or so simply explodes in layered, psychedelic euphoria, brought to earth with a palpable sense of regret.

2. Expectation (2013)

Though they had bigger digital hits in the past, Expectation was the track to really set the girls on a consistent path to the top. It ushered in a more mature, daring sound and image and remains near the very top of their discography. It’s hard to argue with that explosive hook and that fabulous, pinwheeling melody in the verses.

1. Don’t Forget Me (2012)

Not only my favorite Girl’s Day song, but one of my favorite songs of any girl group. I wouldn’t expect this to make the top of everyone’s list, as it isn’t one of their bigger hits, but I think it’s one of the most under-appreciated tracks in all of kpop. The glossy, propulsive production is flawlessly done, but the desperate, melodic perfection that is the chorus seals the deal. This is a tears-on-the-dancefloor masterpiece.


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