Mamamoo – I Miss You

Mamamoo - I Miss YouMamamoo can sing. They’ve shown us that over and over again. They can also perform the hell out of a song. In this way, they’re a very different idol group than most. In fact, they have more in common with the golden age of Motown than with the kpop world. And just like Motown, their level of success rests on the quality of song they’re given to perform.

I Miss You is a prerelease for their upcoming full album. As such, it lacks a music video and feels more like an album track than a promotional single. So far, the girls have promoted mainly uptempo tracks, but this time they draw back and give us a spare, impeccably arranged, r&b ballad. It’s one of the most haunting songs the group has recorded, and allows their performance to take center stage. I was immediately drawn in by the lush vocal harmonies that act as a constant echo to the core melody. They bring me back to the Mariah Careys and Janet Jacksons of the 90’s, and drive the song forward until near the three minute-point, where things explode and we’re treated to some incredible vocal histrionics. A song like this is nothing without a satisfying climax, and Mamamoo are given free reign to belt it out to the stratosphere.

It’s the kind of moment that really makes you sit up and pay attention. These types of vocal groups are not a dime a dozen, and I Miss You offers a platform to show what Mamamoo can really do, without many frills or production tricks to get in the way. It’s a gorgeous, impassioned track, and makes me very excited to hear what’s next.

 Hooks  8
 Production  7
 Longevity 9
 Bias  8

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