Song Review: Mino (Winner) – Body

mino-bodyA day after iKON’s Bobby released his solo single, fellow YG rapper Mino has unveiled Body (몸), which was billed as a slower, sexier counterpart to his label-mate’s boisterous hype track. This doesn’t necessarily seem like the more interesting description on paper, but in the battle of the solo tracks, I think Body just barely edges out HOLUP.

Part of that is due to personal taste. Though I appreciate both artists for their differences, I feel like Mino’s versatile performance style allows him to imbue Body with various vocal colors, which gives the song a dynamic feel. Though he’s known for a deeper tone, he changes it up a bit for the chorus. At times sing-songy, he also injects something close to a melody, without ever dipping too far into pop territory. And like Bobby’s track, the production elevates everything around it. The commanding, brassy riff compliments the instrumental’s excellent bass, giving Body much more punch than I would have expected from a song of this nature. The beat isn’t unnecessarily cluttered, but it doesn’t feel overly minimalist either. The song retains a straightforward structure — even down to its repeated bridge — but that thunderous instrumental keeps it feeling exciting, and slightly dangerous.

Though Body doesn’t push the kinds of cross-genre boundaries YG artists have been known for in the past (looking at you, G-Dragon and TOP), it’s another solid example of Mino’s ability to present something completely different from his group’s music. And luckily, it feels more like a natural extension than a gimmick.

 Hooks  8
 Production  8
 Longevity 7
 Bias  8
 RATING  7.75


4 thoughts on “Song Review: Mino (Winner) – Body

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