Song Review: MOBB (Mino X Bobby) – Hit Me (ft. Kush)

mobb-hit-meFor the past few days, Winner’s Mino and iKON’s Bobby have been building up to their sub-unit with solo releases. And as enjoyable as they’ve both been, it turns out that (for Hit Me, at least) the two are strongest together. I can’t even begin to describe how refreshing it is to hear them actually have fun, and perform a song that doesn’t force a sense of hardness and tired hip-hop tropes.

Hit Me (빨리 전화해) is the best thing to come out of this pairing, and by a pretty wide margin. Not only is it the most accessible of their releases, but its hook packs the most punch. Right off the bat, the synthesized beat kicks in and we’re treated to the song’s deliriously left-field refrain. Following this, Mino and Bobby trade verses, and do an effective job showcasing what makes each of them unique. The flow feels fresh and well-constructed, offering a lighter touch than past tracks. It helps that the elastic beat constantly propels the energy forward, forcing the verses to move at an equally nimble pace.

YG songs of late have favored a final-minute chant to serve as the track’s climax, so much so that it’s bordering on becoming ineffective. But for Hit Me, that ending post-chorus hook actually works — particularly the fun callback to G-Dragon and TOP’s Don’t Go Home. I wish that the actual song lingered on this segment as long as the music video does, as the album version feels like it ends just a bit too early. But maybe that’s just me wishing to hear it again. This is the best track YG Entertainment has given us in months.

 Hooks  9
 Production  9
 Longevity 8
 Bias  9
 RATING  8.75


3 thoughts on “Song Review: MOBB (Mino X Bobby) – Hit Me (ft. Kush)

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