Song Review: MOBB (Mino X Bobby) – Full House

mobb-full-houseAs part of their official sub-unit debut, Winner’s Mino and iKON’s Bobby have released double title tracks that each show off very different charms. After being thrilled with the upbeat exuberance of Hit Me, Full House (붐벼) brings the guys back to a lurching, stereotypical exercise in what apparently makes hip-hop cool.

But here’s the problem: it just doesn’t feel cool to me, at all. From the blaring sirens to the barking and whooping, to the synthesized vocal production on the chorus, it feels more like posturing than an actual song. I get the vibe they’re going for, and I’ve liked songs of this particular genre before, but Full House doesn’t bring anything new. Gone is the creative flow the guys displayed in their solo tracks and Hit Me, replaced by a near-constant stream of shouting. Bobby’s HOLUP was equally loud and all-over-the-place, but it also felt inventive and unique to him. Beneath all of its noise, Full House is shockingly anonymous. I don’t get a sense of Mino or Bobby within the track’s generic structure, even though they’re clearly giving it their all.

This is a shame, because other than this track, the MOBB sub-unit has been a total success. And I suspect many will completely fall for Full House‘s aggressive appeal. For me, its one redeeming feature is Mino’s last verse, when the beat calms and transforms into something a bit slinkier. Apart from that, Full House is more a case of been there, done that.

 Hooks  6
 Production  5
 Longevity 5
 Bias  5
 RATING  5.25


One thought on “Song Review: MOBB (Mino X Bobby) – Full House

  1. I relly loved the song at first, but after listening to it few times, i always wanna jump to the second verse, which i hate it when the song isn’t equally good, so bobby’s weakness shows up when mino bring the level up, that’s why it’s not smoothly pleasing.


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