Song Review: Crayon Pop – Doo Doom Chit

crayon-pop-doo-doom-chitAfter what feels like ages, Crayon Pop has finally returned with their first full album. Much has been made about the fact that this release includes production and composition work from the girls themselves, but those expecting its music to sound any different from previous releases will likely be disappointed. Personally, I’m relieved that Doo Doom Chit (두둠칫) recalls their past hits. Crayon Pop’s zany, not-too-serious dance workouts are still much needed in the k-pop scene.

The fact that Doo Doom Chit revolves around a saxophone sample should be worrying. Brass samples in general have become some of the most overused musical touches in the past year or two. But the sax, accompanied by the song’s titular refrain, is actually the track’s strongest moment. It’s one of those instantly catchy hooks that manages to steer just clear of being obnoxious. If it had to be saxophone, at least it’s the right kind — a luxuriously 80’s riff that gives the song instant appeal.

Unfortunately, everything surrounding this central hook is a bit of a mess. Yes, it’s a fun mess, but it’s just not as cohesive as some of their better singles in the past. There is an actual chorus, but it mainly consists of shouting and chanting (such is the Crayon Pop way, after all). The verses are more successful, offering the kind of italo-disco melody we’d expect from the girls. In a month filled with mainly downbeat and/or underwhelming comebacks, this burst of energy is enough to elevate Doo Doom Chit in spite of its weaknesses. However, I’m not certain how effectively this excitement will sustain in the long run.

 Hooks  8
 Production  9
 Longevity 7
 Bias  8


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