Song Review: Sixth Sense – Feel Me


sixth-sense-feel-meA week after Crayon Pop gave us a revival of 80’s italo disco, new group Sixth Sense debuts with a similar sound. The girls are from Up Entertainment — a small agency that doesn’t seem to have much of an internet presence. From watching the music video, it’s clear that budgets are tight and hype is relatively low. Given this, it’s amazing that Feel Me is as fully realized as it is.

While the video was clearly shot on the cheap, the saved money must have gone straight into the song. Feel Me sounds bigger and better produced than most debuts of this caliber. The track kicks off with an addictive, retro electronic refrain. Though it only frames the song’s actual chorus, it’s Feel Me‘s strongest aspect by far. The melody surrounding this instrumental hook is pretty standard k-pop fare. It goes down easy, but isn’t particularly memorable or unique. The girls tackle their parts with reliable professionalism, though the song doesn’t allow for much individual personality to shine through. We do get some decent high notes, though.

Undoubtedly, the production is the star here. From the fizzy stabs of synth to the bursts of brass that support the chorus, it’s a dynamite instrumental. That’s more than most rookie groups are given, and elevates Feel Me to something quite impressive. Their next step should be to build on this sound with a melody that feels less constrained and allows for a loose, attitude-filled display of what makes this group really stand out.

 Hooks  7
 Production  9
 Longevity 8
 Bias  8

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