The Top Ten Best Songs by 4MINUTE

top-ten-best-songs-by-4minuteDuring their eight years in the k-pop industry, 4Minute were one of few prominent girl groups who rose to fame on a harder-edged, attitude infused sound, contrasting with the lighter, cuter concepts preferred by many of their peers. For this, they’re often put in a similar bracket as 2NE1. And although we won’t be getting any new music from them after their disbandment, they left us with a catalog full of genre-defining pop music. Here’s their best.

10. Hot Issue (2009)

4Minute’s ridiculously catchy debut. Although it feels a bit gimmicky and dated, it’s a pretty darn good gimmick. Ditto for Muzik, which is essentially tied at this position.

9. I My Me Mine (2010)

Though its reliance on autotune is very of the era, I My Me Mine’s chirpy, addictive post-chorus refrain is difficult to resist.

8. First (2010)

4minute’s first original Japanese release burst forth with 80’s electro riffs and an addictively punchy chorus.

7. Heart To Heart (2011)

With its explosive chorus, Heart To Heart injects a newfound emotional bent to 4Minute’s music and results in one of their most rousing performances.

6. Why (2011)

An addictive slice of electro dance pop, Why comes across as a more streamlined, sleeker version of their core sound.

5. Love Tension (2012)

The group’s best Japanese single, Love Tension is a propulsive dance track that plays like a coiled spring of constantly regenerating energy.

4. Mirror Mirror (2011)

Beat-driven and brash, Mirror Mirror takes full advantage of the group’s various charms. The chorus breakdown throbs with electronic bliss.

3. Huh (2010)

With its heavy percussion and lethal dose of attitude, Huh stands as the group’s first outstanding single. Though they had already found success, in many ways this feels like their true entry into the k-pop conversation.

2. Crazy (2015)

A late career resurgence for the group, as the girls attack a truly monstrous beat. Merging the aggressive charisma of HyunA’s thriving solo career with a dramatic hip-hop/club melody, 4Minute proved they were still very much in the game.

1. Volume Up (2012)

The undisputed champ of 4minute singles, Volume Up stands as the most distinguished, anthemic piece of music in their arsenal. Pulsing with a gorgeous saxophone riff, the track builds to tremendous heights as it transforms into an all-out dance floor assault. It’s flawlessly produced, and that chorus absolutely soars.


9 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by 4MINUTE

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  9. My top two are:

    1. Crazy
    2. Volume Up

    Crazy is the quintessential 4minute. The raps, the vocals, the drop, the attitude? PEAK 4minute.

    Volume Up is a different kind of beast tho. The vocals are insane. The sax is iconic. Perfect song.


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