Song Review: VIXX – Milky Way

vixx-milky-wayVIXX have had an incredibly prolific 2016, releasing six singles between both Korea and Japan. Though there have been some major standouts, as the year’s gone on it’s begun to feel a bit more like quantity over quality. But thankfully, after the downbeat double header of Fantasy and The Closer, Milky Way brings back a more lighthearted, melodic sound for the group.

The track is a classic “song for the fans” type of release that likely won’t be promoted or given any sort of push beyond its low-budget music video. That’s a shame, because it’s arguably stronger than anything they’ve released since April’s Dynamite. Milky Way‘s supple, disco-kissed electro beat kicks off immediately and drives the entire track. Though understated for a group often known for their theatrics, it’s one of the most instantly ingratiating instrumentals the guys have given us in some time. It injects a touch of uptempo funk to the classic VIXX sound, allowing the guys to ride the beat with a nonchalant, but effective, melody.

Speaking of melody, Milky Way‘s probably won’t go down as one of the group’s most memorable. The chorus blends in with the verses so seamlessly that it threatens to derail any momentum or dynamism from the track, but in this case that’s actually a strength. The push and pull drama of VIXX singles can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting. In contrast, Milky Way is ultra smooth, bopping along on a pure sense of ebullient joy. It may not grab you by the collar, but it’s the perfect opportunity to take a breather and reflect before the inevitable bombast of their next high-concept comeback.

 Hooks  8
 Production  9
 Longevity 9
 Bias  8
 RATING  8.5


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