Song Review: Sistar – One More Day (ft. Giorgio Moroder)

sistar-one-more-day-ft-giorgio-moroderIn a truly how-the-hell-did-that-happen moment for k-pop, veteran girl group Sistar have collaborated with disco/dance legend Giorgio Moroder for special single One More Day. Given that Moroder is practically the originator of what we now call EDM, it makes sense that the track is dance music at its most classic, eschewing today’s tired build/drop format for a beating heart of melody and emotion.

Though Moroder is most closely associated with disco — and its sub-genre, italo disco — One More Day feels refreshingly current. While it balks the trendiness found in much k-pop, the production is alive with a modern pulse. It’s a dense mix of strings and synth flourishes, creating a much more dramatic dance backdrop than a group like Sistar is used to. Thankfully, the girls rise to the occasion, proving that they can be a far more versatile act than their material has often allowed them to be. The song’s chorus is especially striking. It’s anthemic in the best way possible — simple enough to catch you on the first listen, but with a tinge of emotion that underpins the climactic melody. Thank god the track never devolves into some energy-sapping breakdown. Instead, One More Day feels like it’s going somewhere at every moment — sparking off energy as it builds.

Bora even gets a brief rap break during the bridge, which fits surprisingly well despite the song’s EDM approach. More importantly, moments like this blend k-pop sensibilities with a very European sound. These collaborations don’t always go down well, but Moroder and Sistar feel like a match made in heaven.

 Hooks  9
 Production  10
 Longevity 8
 Bias  9


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