The Top Ten Best Songs by MISS A

top-ten-best-songs-by-miss-aI’ve been wanting to do a miss A countdown for awhile now, but the problem is that they only have nine actual singles. This is despite being together for over five years. And with an uncertain hiatus holding the future of the group hostage, it’s unclear whether we’ll ever be getting more songs to add to the list. But they’re too awesome not to have a countdown of their own, so I threw in leader Fei’s recent solo single to round things out.

10. Love Again (2010)

Released as a tie-in for a commercial campaign prior to their official debut, Love Again showed promise, but remains one of the group’s lesser works.

9. Fantasy (Fei solo) (2016)

With its lush soundscape and understated vocal, the first big solo release from the group proved that there’s more to look forward to even as miss A moves into hiatus. (full review)

8. Love Alone (2011)

Upping the instrumental heft with a dance floor-ready pulse, Love Alone sweeps in with glittering synths and one of the most convincing all-English performances that k-pop has ever given us.

7. Breathe (2010)

Upping the quirkiness another level, Breathe’s chirpy synth-driven instrumental is percussive k-pop at its best.

6. I Don’t Need A Man (2012)

With its bright sprinkling of electronic percussion and half sung, half spoken hook, the addictive I Don’t Need A Man is hard to resist.

5. Only You (2015)

With its warped electro squiggles, Only You was a strong comeback after two years away from the k-pop world, and one of production duo Black Eyed Pilseung’s first big hits.

4. Touch (2012)

Moving towards a more hypnotic, mature pop approach, Touch builds with an exotic mix of electronics and a driving beat.

3. Good Bye Baby (2011)

Released at the group’s commercial peak, Good Bye Baby expands on the attitude-infused sound of their debut with a a fuller production that incorporates electric guitars and robust backing vocals.

2. Hush (2013)

Building on Touch’s dense template, Hush reinvented the group as a purveyor of powerful, structurally diverse dance pop. It has a tremendous build, supported by strong harmonies and vocal arrangement.

1. Bad Girl, Good Girl (2010)

A spare, beat-driven debut that showcases an off-kilter, seesaw melody that has become one of the group’s most memorable and iconic refrains. Rarely are debut tracks the best song in a group’s arsenal, but Bad Girl, Good Girl got it perfect the first time. Years later, it still sounds like nothing else out there.


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