Song Review: Park Kyung – Wiped

Though fellow Block B member Zico has stolen most of the thunder when it comes to solo material, Park Kyung has carved a nice little niche for himself. His style tends to be a little more conversational, focusing on sing-songy hooks and a generally unadorned blend of indie, jazz and r&b influences. He found great success pairing with female vocalists, but Wiped (순간삭제) is a solo project in every sense of the word, performed entirely by Kyung himself.

To note a personal bias, I’ve always found Kyung to be the most interesting member of Block B. his personality seems to be a contrast of opposing forces. Outwardly charismatic and goofy, he possesses a whip-smart sense of repartee that masks a more guarded, self-conscious performer. Existing in Zico’s considerable shadow seems to have given him a real thirst for attention as a solo artist, and Wiped is labeled as the first volley in a “Space Oddity Project.”

With such an evocative overarching label, I expected Wiped to be a little more out there. Apart from the creative music video, the song itself is as straightforward as his music has ever sounded. For better or worse, it’s the slightest of his singles so far. The catchy chorus and idiosyncratic flow go down easy, as does the piano-sprinkled bounce that powers the instrumental. But at just over two minutes in length, the song feels a bit like a throwaway. Park Kyung tracks are always enjoyable, but I hope the rest of Space Oddity sees him take a more ambitious approach.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7



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