Song Review: The Boyz – I’m Your Boy

October is quickly becoming the month of new boy groups. And even if they won’t be making their official debut until November, The Boyz are getting in on the trend with an introductory pre-release. Unless a group is from one of the big three agencies, songs released prior to debut are usually pretty forgettable. But The Boyz have been laying the groundwork for awhile now, announcing their impending arrival this summer and filming a full-fledged variety series.

I’m Your Boy doesn’t accomplish anything we haven’t heard many times before, but it’s a harmless throwback of light, r&b-styled pop that goes down easy. The instrumental’s mid-tempo beat is supported by a hazy blend of atmospheric synths and keys that grow in prominence with each passing chorus. In fact, this sense of escalation is Boy‘s most successful trick. It grows more interesting and dense as it goes on, even if the final production never amounts to more than a pleasant diversion.

But this is a pre-release. And as such, its primary job is to tease the charms of the group. I’m Your Boy isn’t particularly lively in that regard, but its laid-back approach offers a relatively blank stage for the guys to shine. During the chorus, the members’ vocals unite for a falsetto-driven hook that takes an unexpected ascent during its final moments. The arrangement feels a little off, and I’m not sure the harmonies completely gel, but it’s a moment of character that gives the track a much-needed jolt of uniqueness. As with every rookie about to embark on their debut, I hope The Boyz find a sound and style that allows them to draw upon their own skills and forge a meaningful identity within the overstuffed universe that is modern k-pop.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8
 RATING  7.25



6 thoughts on “Song Review: The Boyz – I’m Your Boy

  1. That last sentence had kind of a wistful poeticism to it, haha. Surprised you didn’t comment on this group’s name (are you getting desensitized to wayward name choices like I am?). Anyway, the song was nice and I look forward to seeing if their proper debut lives up to all the hype I’ve been seeing for these guys.


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