The Top Ten Best Songs by THE BOYZ

The Boyz debuted in late 2017, and have rarely had a hiatus lasting more than a couple of months. This has allowed them to quickly cobble together enough title tracks for a top ten countdown.

Moving through a variety of sounds and styles with ease, this list is a testament to both their versatility and consistency. Read on to discover my top ten picks, and make sure to leave yours in the comments!

10. Reveal (2020)

As generically moody as The Boyz have ever gone, Reveal nonetheless has a few high points. And though not completely relevant to the song itself, the group’s dynamic Road to Kingdom performance helped buoy its appeal. (full review)

9. KeePer (2018)

A bright, airy summer appetizer between bolder comeback tracks, KeePer’s amiable guitar-led instrumental ingratiated itself more with time. (full review)

8. I’m Your Boy (2017)

A pre-debut teaser that capitalized on the group’s sweeter side, I’m Your Boy’s throwback pop melody and bouncy instrumental go down easy. (full review)

7. Boy (2017)

A catchy, pulsating debut, Boy established the guys’ tight group choreography while drawing upon the deep house trends of its era. It’s a slick, polished launching pad that would lead to greater triumphs down the line. (full review)

6. Bloom Bloom (2019)

As bright and “cutesy” as The Boyz’ title tracks would ever get, Bloom Bloom’s carnival-like atmosphere and earworm chorus stay just short of saccharine. Released during the spring of 2019, it’s a suitable encapsulation of the season. (full review)

5. No Air (2018)

Taking a slightly darker tone than its preceding title tracks, No Air nonetheless succeeds on its series of indelible grooves. Upon release, I remember being disappointed by its lack of a fleshed-out chorus. But, time has drawn out the track’s rhythmic charms. (full review)

4. D.D.D (2019)

As The Boyz only summertime comeback, D.D.D does a great job harnessing the energy of the season while maintaining a balance between the group’s brighter and edgier sides. Its chorus is one of their best, bounding with excitement. (full review)

3. Giddy Up (2018)

A follow-up that improved upon their debut in almost every way, Giddy Up paints The Boyz as heirs to SHINee’s electro-funk throne. Its verses crackle with vitality, but it’s that megawatt chorus that really seals the deal. (full review)

2. The Stealer (2020)

The Stealer has proven to get better with every listen. It’s the group’s most rhythmically diverse single, switching from high-octane, funk-inspired verses to a towering, combative chorus. I wasn’t initially sold on the juxtaposition, but the sheer polish and verve of this track keeps me coming back for more. (full review)

1. Right Here (2018)

Right Here generates incredible energy from start to finish. It’s indefatigable, and one of the only tracks in their arsenal that truly sounds as immense as their (at the time) 12-member configuration. Melding an angular melody with an equally jagged, synth-charged instrumental, Right Here is like the pop song version of a roller coaster ride. But instead of twists and turns, this is just one long freefall — single-minded in its electro-funk attack. (full review)



14 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by THE BOYZ

  1. The only thing which was coming on my mind while reading this list was “g-g-g-golden child , g-g-g-golden child”

    They currently have 10 singles so I am excited to say the least to see what’s with the list.

    Back to the Boyz.

    They really have impressed me with Their Top 3 songs. Oddly enough , my ranking is almsot the same as yours.

    And My Top 5 is almost the same , with Bloom Bloom replacing with No Air.

    The Boyz are a really great group but they’re not something I’d pull myself to listen out from time to time.

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  2. My top songs:
    1. Bloom Bloom
    2. Giddy Up
    3. No Air
    4. Right Here
    5. Boy

    Bloom Bloom just hits many sweet spots for me. It’s the right amount of upbeat and cute while still never letting up on the pace.
    I’m not sold on their 2020 material yet, I think the orchestral version of Reveal they performed on RtK is a much better version than the official release, good for me it’s on Spotify.

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  3. Yes! Right here getting that number 1! I honestly believe that it’s one of their less appreciated tracks out there, but they’re still growing at the time so maybe that’s the reason. Oh and I’m actually surprised you inserted reveal there!

    Setting that aside, this is my top 5:

    1. Right Here
    2. D.D.D
    3. I’m your boy
    4. Bloom Bloom
    5. Giddy Up

    I listen to these songs plenty of times, especially I’m your boy. What I absolutely love about The Boyz’s title tracks are the melodies. Though a few may have been a tad bit forgettable and less impactful, I can’t deny they’re definitely a grower!


  4. The Stealer’s ranking surprised me. I’m still not sold on it. My top 5:

    1. Giddy Up
    2. Right Here
    3. No Air
    4. D.D.D
    5. Reveal

    Bloom Bloom is honestly too grating for me.

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  5. yes! right here getting the recognition it deserves! its still my favorite title track by them next to no air.
    my list:
    1. right here
    2. no air
    3. giddy up
    4. boy
    5. reveal


  6. Interesting list. I’m surprised D.D.D and The Stealer are that high up tbh.

    I’ve been a fan of theirs starting No Air era, and I like their older songs (and b-sides) more…

    1. Melting Heart
    2. No Air
    3. Giddy Up
    4. Clover
    5. Make or Break


  7. Alright, as one of my favourite groups I feel I must also drop my ranking.
    I was very surprised at Giddy Up sitting below The Stealer on yours!

    1. Giddy Up
    A serious contender for my favourite kpop songs of all time.
    2. Right Here
    A little less melodically interesting than the above, still great.
    3. No Air
    My favourite empty-warehouse type track from any boy group. It’s a bit moody but without being slow or draining.

    4. KeePer
    5. The Stealer
    6. D.D.D.
    7. Bloom Bloom
    8. I’m Your Boy
    9. Boy
    10. Reveal


  8. Though I am pretty sure I may be wrong here, It always seemed that The Boyz were really underappreciated from your reviews and analysis on them, But after their spectacular 2020, It seems that you have really loved them more than ever. Ditto for me! Prism is stellar and has only boosted my respect for the guys.


    • It’s really been a game of expectations for me. I was so high on the combo of Giddy Up/Right Here, and thought they were heading in a direction reminiscent of SHINee’s electro-funk days. Then, they kept switching sounds and concepts and I wasn’t sure what to make of them anymore.

      As much as I hated some of Road to Kingdom’s tactics, I think the series put them back on a clear path in my mind. I get what they stand for now, and can appreciate their music that much more.

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