The Top Ten Best Songs by UP10TION

Debuting in 2015, the ten-member UP10TION is the latest (and largest) boy group to carry the torch for TOP Media. They’ve managed to quickly develop a strong fan base, even as they constantly explore different sounds and genres with their title tracks. And though they haven’t yet had ten official comebacks, they’ve released just enough music videos to qualify for a top ten countdown.

10. Stay (2016)

Propelled by a delicate flourish of acoustic guitar, Stay’s airy charm conceals one of the group’s most impressive vocal arrangements.

9. Runner (2017)

UP10TION stumbled a bit by replicating the sound of the moment with Runner’s tropical pop. There’s still enough vocal interplay to salvage the track, but Runner stands as the group’s weakest Korean comeback. (full review)

8. Come As You Are (2015)

An r&b-flavored mid-tempo that casts a warm, laid-back groove built around a dynamic, multifaceted chorus that shines a spotlight on the group’s harmonies.

7. ID (2017)

As the group’s first Japanese single, ID draws upon the edginess of their Korean debut to create a stomping mid-tempo that captivates with the intensity of its debauched refrain. (full review)

6. So, Dangerous (2015)

A dramatic debut, as the guys deliver a staccato refrain over skittering trap-pop beats cast in a dark, claustrophobic vibe. It’s unlike anything else in their discography.

5. Attention (2016)

Taking a more mature, r&b-driven approach, Attention’s brassy chorus gave UP10TION their catchiest moment yet, drawing on the members’ vocals to impressive effect. (full review)

4. Catch Me (2015)

Showing off their playful side, Catch Me builds itself around a warped middle eastern riff and playground taunt of a hook that rests on the members’ ubiquitous charms.

3. White Night (2016)

UP10TION’s most bombastic title track, fueled by its sledgehammer chorus and hard-hitting dance breakdown. White Night takes advantage of the group’s ten member strong configuration by delivering an immense burst of dance pop. (full review)

2. Going Crazy (2017)

A streamlined blast of dance pop bliss, the propulsive Going Crazy gives UP10TION a classic k-pop makeover, drawing from the genre’s past to craft a synth-driven assault of unflagging energy. Its chorus is one of the group’s best — simple but incredibly potent. (full review)

1. Tonight (2016)

Tonight is not one of UP10TION’s most artistic or musically daring efforts, but it’s quickly become one of my all-time favorite k-pop summer songs. There’s something so effortlessly jubilant about its brass-kissed instrumental and goofy, funk-driven chorus. It’s a song stuffed to the brim with playful moments — endlessly endearing and impossibly catchy. What more could you ask for? (full review)



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