The Top Ten Best Songs by F.CUZ

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to call F.Cuz the most consistently underrated group in modern k-pop. Over the course of their six years together, the guys recorded tracks in three languages and released a string of incredibly solid singles. But no matter how strong their material was, they were always overshadowed by other acts. Here are their ten best title tracks, ready to be rediscovered and given the love they deserve.

10. No One (2010)

No One may be as 2010 as 2010 gets (autotune and all), but its glitchy electro assault gave F.Cuz their first great single.

9. Wanna Be Your Love (2010)

Taking a lighter approach, Wanna Be Your Love’s bubblegum pop hooks cast the group in a cuter light. The song may be a bit treacly, but that punchy chorus is a winner.

8. Change (2013)

Change augments F.Cuz’s style with the strum of acoustic guitar for a rousing blend of live instrumentation and club-ready electronics.

7. Forever (2016)

Every pop group needs a big, chest-beating ballad, and Forever works as both that and a swan song of sorts. The syrupy melody is classic boy band through and through, but in the best possible way.

6. Luv Holic (2011)

As the group’s first original Japanese single, Luv Holic surrounds the guys in a wash of surging synths and strings, supporting a melody that is moody and anthemic in equal measure.

5. Dreaming I (2012)

Driven by a gentle piano riff, Dreaming I soon grows into a melodic swell of orchestration and dance-pop kick. It’s also one of the most effective spotlights for the group’s rappers.

4. No. 1 (2012)

Pushing into more bombastic electro material, No. 1’s hard-hitting, staccato refrain frames a robust production that climaxes in a powerful, gorgeously layered chorus.

3. Cha-Ga-Wa (2014)

Cha-Ga-Wa effortlessly blends the catchy electro of F.Cuz’s past with a matured, modern k-pop sound. The song climbs in all the right places, exploding in a cathartic, multi-pronged chorus that is easily one of the group’s most striking moments.

2. Midnight Sun (2010)

Marking a quantum leap in quality for the group, Midnight Sun’s symphonic bombast offers the perfect playground for the song’s soaring, near-operatic melody. K-pop delivers this sense of over-the-top theatricality better than any other genre, and Sun’s combination of dramatic strings and F.Cuz’s powerful performance ranks among the finest examples.

1. One Love (2014)

One of 2014’s most triumphant anthems, even if not many k-pop fans actually heard it. One Love is not afraid to go big. It’s centered around an immense, melodically diverse chorus that feels fleshed out and vital. The song is in constant surge, back-dropped by a pulsing dance beat that grows more grandiose with each passing verse. This kind of idealistic, full-throated pop song is hard to find these days, and that’s a total shame.


4 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by F.CUZ

  1. Great list. Two of my favorite F.Cuz songs though aren’t title tracks: “Answer the Phone” and “Do Well While I’m Still Here”. “Cha-Ga-Wa” is my favorite title track. But I definitely love all their music.


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