Song Review: N.Flying – Like A Flower

Ever since adding vocalist Yoo Hweseung to their roster, N.Flying has released a series of energeticoften goofy — power pop singles. And honestly, that’s what I’d like them to continue to do. Groups like DAY6 and The Rose have the angstier side of idol rock covered, but N.Flying have begun to develop something quite special for themselves. That style may still re-emerge as part of the group’s year-long Fly High Project, but they’re kicking things off with a toned-down, emotional ballad.

Like A Flower (꽃) is well-suited to the season. Its cozy instrumental and wistful melody practically beg for cool autumn nights. It’s also a great chance to spotlight the band’s dual vocalists. We’ve heard a lot from Hweseung over the past few years, as he often tackles the more challenging notes within the group’s songs. But before he was a member of N.Flying, leader Lee Seunghyub proved himself more than capable of carrying a vocally-driven track like 2015’s excellent Lonely.

Over a stark instrumental that blends acoustic guitar and piano, the two provide complimentary tones that play off each other for maximum emotive impact. The vibe is hushed throughout, until Flower explodes with a well-executed power note at its climax. There’s a bit of hip-hop during the second verse, and even some spoken word moments that add to the song’s cinematic appeal. It’s all very pretty, and more than proves N.Flying’s merit as a versatile group who aren’t just a bunch of cornballs. But, Flower is too hesitant to leave much of a lasting impact. It feels like it should be the last track on an album — the comedown after all the excitement. I trust they’ll be back to their high-energy antics soon enough.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25



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