Song Review: 100% – Still Loving You

So, let me get this straight, 100%. You’re going to tackle a retro concept and not give Sweetune a call? I mean, talk about a missed opportunity! For a few brief months in 2016-17, the guys met their perfect producer match in the form of Sweetune. After parting ways, their music has become the definition of forgettable. They tried their hand at tropical pop last year to minimal effect, and fare even worse with the trend-free mid-tempo funk of Still Loving You.

This song feels very much like it belongs in 2014, and I say that in the most generic sense possible. I’m always up for K-pop acts reverting back to musical eras that I enjoyed, and there’s something appealing about Still Loving You’s simple ambitions. However, the track fails to bring any of 100%’s musical color into the mix. This group is home to some of K-pop’s most alluring vocalists, but they’re not given much to do here. From the instrumental to the melody, everything feels overly slick and subdued.

Still Loving You has what I like to call a whiny melody, favoring a sing-song structure over something more robust. Its repetitive arrangement doesn’t give the track anywhere to go. That’s not to say the song needs to build to some big, bombastic climax, but there’s no sense of growth anywhere. The opening whistle-esque synth loop pretty much tells you all you need to know. It’s kind of droning, a little dull and seems almost unimpressed with itself. Unfortunately, that’s the same feeling I came away with after Still Loving You finished playing.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6
 RATING 6.75



4 thoughts on “Song Review: 100% – Still Loving You

  1. It’s not unlistenable or anything, but it hurts that this is the group that gave us modern-day masterpiece “Better Day”. It should be illegal to turn on the nugu boy neon lights and dance in nugu boy empty concrete buildings whilst NOT playing a Sweetune song. Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo or GTFO


  2. I still enjoyed this because it’s fairly catchy and a welcome shift away from the generic tropical house they were doing last year. The melody kinda reminds me of a MIKA song for some reason, albeit far less theatrical.

    Definitely a shame groups keep dropping Sweetune, though. Do none of them realize how much of a downgrade their subsequent songs usually end up being?? Are Sweetune charging more than money-tight companies can afford these days or something???

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    • I’ve been wondering this as well. I doubt whether their prices have gone up, since it’s been awhile since they produced something that could be considered a mainstream hit (or a hit at all, if I’m being completely honest…). They do seem to be working with Woollim a lot more recently, which makes me wonder if they’re moving toward more of an exclusive deal with them. I’m hoping to hear some Sweetune work on Golcha’s new album (whenever it’s finally released).

      One thing’s for sure… I’ve missed their presence in K-pop over the past couple of months. At least when they worked with Snuper and 100%, they’d produce the entire album. Now, it’s just a one-off single here and there.


  3. If this is a weak song, then i’m in for a treat. This is the kind of mellow pop that’s great to vibe to in the backyard. Like the vocals very much, too.


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