The Top Ten Best Songs by 100%

top-ten-best-songs-by-100-percent100% debuted in 2012 as Top Media’s second group after Teen Top. Though they’ve struggled to find a strong identity for themselves and have had to endure a general lack of promotion in comparison to their label mates, the guys have also managed to deliver a remarkably strong discography. In fact, it was difficult to rank the songs from numbers six through two, as they’re all of similarly high quality despite taking vastly different approaches when it comes to their sound.

10. Missing You (2013)

Performed by 100%’s vocal-focused sub-unit, Missing You stripped away the group’s more theatrical elements in favor of a subdued spotlight on their gorgeous voices.

9. Still Again (2012)

Given a comical music video that highlighted the group’s more playful side, Still Again’s heavily processed vocals and synthesized stomp revealed an act still finding their sound.

8. Guy Like Me (2012)

Released at the tail end of their debut year, the midtempo pop shuffle of Guy Like Me proved that the guys could pull off traditional boy band fare just as strongly as their more inventive material.

7. How To Cry (2017)

How To Cry is 100%’s first original Japanese single, and sees the guys providing an ornate blast of moody pop drama over an aggressive dance beat.

6. U Beauty (2014)

Though its anthemic b-side remains one of the group’s very best tracks, the equally sunny U Beauty is no slouch either. It’s the group’s most upbeat-sounding single, bottling summertime hooks with a brassy, synth-drenched instrumental.

5. Sketch U (2017)

Following their Sweetune-produced reinvention in 2016, Sketch U gives 100% a burst of grand, rock-influenced bombast that brilliantly supports their impressively emotive vocals. (full review)

4. Want U Back (2013)

Highlighted by its heavy staccato synth beat, Want U Back futuristic dance assault is home to one of 100%’s simplest (yet most enduring) hooks.

3. Beat (2014)

Perhaps the group’s darkest title track, Beat gallops forward with a string-laden, feverish beat and sweeping hooks. It’s a brilliant example of utilizing powerful dynamics to create an ambitious k-pop soundscape.

2. Bad Boy (2012)

A flawless debut, Bad Boy pulses with a heavy electronic throb that only grows stronger as the track bursts into its enormous, go-for-broke chorus. Its tense instrumental creates a powerful sense of movement throughout.

1. Better Day (2016)

After over two years away, 100% returned in 2016 with Better Day’s mature, synth-driven sound. Though not as in-your-face as some of their older material, it saw the group’s insanely strong vocals given new life. The song’s expansive, falsetto-driven chorus is the stuff dreams are made of. (full review)



9 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by 100%

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  9. My top three are:

    1. Sketch U
    2. Better Days
    3. U Beauty

    I love Sketch U’s heart-tugging chorus. This group has really have STRONG vocalists.


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