Song Review: Hey! Say! JUMP – I Am

Though I’ve enjoyed Hey! Say! JUMP’s music for years now, I was still surprised by how much I loved last October’s Parade album. It felt like Johnny’s Entertainment at its best – widescreen, ambitious and infectiously joyful. With a roster of vocalists that I will politely call “nasally,” JUMP have never been a group to rely on bravura performances. Rather, the focus has always been on overstuffed, addictive and even experimental bubblegum pop. The songs are the centerpiece here, and new single I Am certainly has a lot going for it.

I Am comes paired with double A-side Muah Muah, which is a much more lighthearted, throwaway track. But, I’m interested in the pop majesty on display here. Right from the beginning, I Am is the kind of propulsive anthem so reliably churned out by Johnnys groups. After a brief twinkle of keys, the full brunt of the instrumental hits. It’s like stepping into a wind tunnel, hair blown back by the sheer force of the production. If I had my way, the mixing would have been a little less muddled, with greater focus given to each individual instrument, but I’m absolutely here for the drama of it all.

I Am’s verses are more restrained, offering a lilting melody over sprightly, guitar-laced percussion. This builds to a beautiful pre-chorus that injects a bit of melancholy to the track. And, most importantly, it all climaxes in a mammoth, megawatt chorus. This refrain is nicely developed, sung in unison and buttressed by a whirlwind of backing vocals. The second verse sacrifices a bit of I Am’s momentum, but I love how the violin gains more prominence as the song goes on. And as expected of a Johnnys track, the whole thing concludes with an all-hands-on-deck musical call to arms. For those of us who enjoy this approach, it’s quite satisfying.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

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3 thoughts on “Song Review: Hey! Say! JUMP – I Am

  1. I must say first that I am partial to Sexy Zone.

    This is very well done too. It sounds like an akb48-type composer trying to do Ze:a circa 2012. Since I love Ze:a circa 2012, this one is for me.

    But once again, jpop is keeping all their goodies hidden, this time on Facebook sans any cat memes. How am I supposed to find these without a cat meme?

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  2. Hi Nick, I wonder if you’re planning on reviewing Johnny’s WEST newly-released album, “W trouble”? I’m not sure if you’re keeping up with them but I’m quite curious about how do you think regarding the album.


    • I probably won’t write a review, but I’ve listened to the album (only once so far) and enjoyed it. I like the more rock-infused sound they’re going for. It feels quite different from most of their past albums.


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