Song Review: Monsta X – Fantasia

After a two-week delay, Monsta X has returned with their eighth (!) mini album. At this point, there’s not a lot to say about their title tracks. Apart from the occasional shift in sound, they’ve tended to follow the same general formula. If you like the Monsta X brand, you’re probably going to like Fantasia. They have a remarkable consistency as a group, and that’s not a bad thing.

Fantasia follows right where last year’s Follow left off, and apparently both songs were in contention to be the title track from that album. That’s not too surprising. They carry the same percussive energy, but I think Follow was a much stronger choice. Fantasia has a lot of style and attitude, but is relatively light on melody. In some ways, Monsta X almost play second fiddle to the instrumental, riffing on its beat-heavy brew rather than delivering the kind of thrilling hook that might have elevated the song.

Much of Fantasia’s vocal-led segments come in the form of chants or repetitions of the title. In between, the song injects a full dose of the swaggy hip-hop we’ve come to expect from the group. It’s fine, but fails to offer any surprising or iconic moments (thankfully, no cringey “alli-alligator” moments either!). The production is largely a holdover from Follow, leveraging a few high-pitched synths to give the hulking instrumental some character. But overall, this is just Monsta X being Monsta X, which makes it hard to feel anything but ambivalent about the song as a whole.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

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11 thoughts on “Song Review: Monsta X – Fantasia

  1. Nick, I have been waiting for your review all morning. Five seconds in, the trap started, I thought oh noes, what will Nick think. It seems that today is a calm day in Nick land. Good for you!

    The Monsta X fans are probably absolutely thrilled with this one. Good for them. It has everything and more of everything that is what to add more of these days. It borrows every hook and gimmick from every hot debut ever in the past year or three, including my own favorite pirate hip hop sea shanty, and then throws in the kitchen sink. It’s so more, it passes through more to the parallel universe of Moreism where (more or less) More IS More.

    If I had a bingo card, I would be calling Blackout! Winner winner chicken dinner!

    Do I like it? I am old so I find it noisy. I will go back to my 80’s pop nostalgia and my kpopera Forestella while I wait eagerly for the SuJu KRY “debut” album next week. Meanwhile, Monbebi can go have fun with this.

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    • I think your comment makes it sound more interesting than it is.

      This review honestly took much longer than normal to write because I struggled to find anything to say about the track. It’s more of the same from them, which is fine I guess.


  2. The first line of the song, “I gotta feel”. It immediately reminds me of Hongjoong’s “All eyes on me now” in Wonderland’s intro. The only difference is that it didn’t have the same energy, I can feel that they want to go hard from the start but they fail to reach their goal… and they nevel really reach it until the end. However Monsta X is not your typical boygroup, they are strong performers so they can bring more life to this song that most would have.
    Your comment about Monsta X’s formula is true, but can we say this is also their weakness ? After listening to this song, I feel like we’ve heard everything from this formula and that they don’t have anything new to offer, it’s just another “Monsta X goes hard” song. It doesn’t help that they probably released around 50 songs since 2019 with their Japanese and American albums. I wonder what’s the direction of the group.


    • We can DEFINITELY say it’s a weakness, but I also realize that that’s hypocritical of me. If I personally loved the formula, I’d be very happy with what they’re delivering. For example, I could exist on Sweetune-produced Infinite tracks for centuries. It all depends on whether a certain formula appeals to you or not.

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  3. I had a comment, something happened and I wasn’t allowed to post it. So here’s the recap
    -song good
    -I like Monsta X’s formula
    -first rap verse was really painful to listen to
    -I wish there was an Alli-Alligator moment
    -don’t like the instrumental because it reminds me too much of NCT 127’s Wakey Wakey which I consider unlistenable
    -Not one of their best
    -They’ve done much better
    -I’m giving it an 8 whereas Follow got an 8.75
    -Zone should’ve been the title track because its got DEEP hoUUUUse and I like that genre and I like when mOOOOnsta X does that genre and I like more than Play It Cool and everything is catchy except the chorus because its just an instrumental and because I.M. starts off the song with an Alli-Alligator moment. I also like chaotic because its not as chaotic as the title track. I also like It Ain’t Over a lot because its got deep hoUUUse and the chorus is catchy and the instrumental has snapping sounds and is jazzy and smooth and It Ain’t Over until (pun not available).


  4. Weakest of the past 5 title tracks(korean)

    I mean if its a totally dance track I still download it even if it has some faults, but it falls short regarding that matter too ,so no saving this one.
    Its time they try something different.. no I don’t want a complete 180 but its been years, a different variety in the title track would be nice.. They have tried in some songs but not ambitious enough in that regard.
    They are so active, but I still don’t remember more than 2 songs of 2019 from them and that’s a shame.


  5. I like this quite a bit. Might give it an 8.5/10. I’m definitely a bit biased here cause MY GUY HYUNGWON be smoking h0t, making me go nUtty over him 🤤🤪❤💛💚💩🌻🌻🌻.


  6. I am a disgruntled monbebe (i feel like something is always amiss since Wonho is not longer with the group). This song is not their best. It’s ok this is why I believe score-wise its a well-rounded 8. The only thing that still stays in my mind is the word Fantasia and I’m picturing Shownu singing it (and that is not a good thing). I think it is slightly busy as a song and a bit eerie…it could have been an anthem. I think I.M. shines in this (even if he is not my bias). With regards the score I ‘awarded’ them its inevitable to not think of MonstaX songs in the past that made me jump up and down (Hero).

    I love how this group has done full English tracks in the past (so they have tried other stuff which for some is a roll-dice). But I think they need a concept that will be more relaxed yet powerful, like a B1A4 rollin or Winner Really Really with Monsta x signature. Something that incorporates happier elements and combines their powerful performance style (aka their strength and weakness).

    P.S. when Wonho left, the feeling was the same as when Hoya left Infinite (even though it was on his terms ). It makes it harder to stan when you liked the bundled product and how each member contributes to the whole.


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