Song Review: Weki Meki – Oopsy

For me, Weki Meki’s discography has been extremely hit or miss. For every Tiki Taka or Picky Picky, there’s a Dazzle Dazzle. Apparently, they love repetitive titles, as well! “Oopsy” might as well be a thinly veiled apology for some of their more regrettable material. In reality, it’s the title of their newest single, and it finds the group somewhere in between their satisfying and cloying sides.

Oopsy grooves on a funky, bass-driven beat, overlayed with splashes of synth and (what else?) trap beats. The instrumental would have been stronger if focused more heavily on its bassline, which ends up buried in the mix. Still, the energy here is good – sassy and enjoyable. The girls themselves dial back on the chirpy aegyo that made Dazzle Dazzle such a chore to get through. So, why isn’t Oopsy hitting me harder?

I think in this case, it comes down to that oft-ignored element in modern K-pop: melody. Oopsy is melodic. Or, at least the group’s phrasing carries the same hallmarks of a melody. But, from the verses to the chorus, the whole track feels more like sing-talk than actual pop refrains. The hook comes close, offering a few catchy turns. But, the verses are utterly forgettable time-fillers. There’s just no consistent structure, so when their delivery approaches melodic, the result just kind of fizzles into nothing. K-pop is great at showcasing charisma and verve, but songs like this forget that those qualities are all too fleeting if not tethered to potent songwriting. Oopsy is harmless enough, but there’s nothing to really sink your teeth into.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

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18 thoughts on “Song Review: Weki Meki – Oopsy

  1. Oopsy is super fun and they managed to mostly evenly distribute the lines, something Gugudan (wow, remember them?? Neither does Jellyfish apparently) could never capture. I think they bring the perfect spirit to this and their MNet countdown debut of the song really showed how much of their charm sells the entire thing. Super, super satisfied with this!


  2. Weki Meki is slowly becoming a great gg. They had a slow start buuut they finally are coming together with their sound! And I see their fandoms grows a lot on the internet each comeback!

    Only wish the best for them!

    As for the song, I like the intro and overall I just wished it would have a stronger chorus, BUT I like the vibe of the track.


  3. I feel normal about the song, I don’t hate it, but unlike other Weki Meki’s title tracks (which I adore all of them to the heaven and back) I’m just…fine with it. But hey at least it has a melody!

    But above anything will you review the final performances of rtk? You’ve already reviewed the songs so I’m afraid you won’t do one for the perfs.

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  4. It is fun but not compelling. It doesn’t have a strong instrumental, or vocal, or melody, or dance, or concept, or well anything to lure me in.

    I went back and listened to my previous Weki Meki purchases (4?!), and what lured me in in each case was a good enough melody coupled with a strong enough instrumental that was clever or nostalgic or both. Tika Taka for example has something to sing along with coupled with a old 80’s style Stock-Aitken-Waterman bass line (think Rick Astley beat). Then there was “Girlfriend” which is a good ol’ classic bonkers kpop construction.

    I would put this one in the category of “releasing a song because so many months have passed and we are due for another one, and, oh its summer, so lets make it light and fluffy and lookee here this one will do”.


  5. Weki Meki is my “no-skip” GG (save for Dazzle Dazzle, which I typically just look away from), and I’m so happy to see them back on track!

    I’m currently checking out the rest of the mini-album, but from the teaser tracks I’m very excited already.

    I think the “Oopsy” hooks are pretty strong and the song seems pretty cohesive. Since I don’t know much music terminology, I’ll just leave it at me being happy and excited for this new release!


    • As a side note, I also think their MV and styling are up a notch this time around. (People are going crazy over Lua’s short hair cut!)


  6. Wow, I actually disagree a lot with you on this one. I actually prefer this to say, Picky Picky and would give it an 8. Perhaps it will grow on you, perhaps it will not. But I hope you might come to like it a little bit more in the coming months!


  7. After listening I can attest every other track on the mini is better than the title! ‘The Paradise‘ gave me chills, the instrumental already had my full attention in the teasers and it didn’t disappoint with the synthpop goodness.


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