Song Review: Weki Meki – Picky Picky

Though most Weki Meki singles have ended up growing on me, they tend to have a knockoff quality that makes them feel like lesser versions of other girl group material. Almost two years in, I’ve yet to understand what kind of sound Weki Meki is meant to have. Many describe their title tracks as “messy,” but other than their 2017 debut I’m not sure that I agree. That ambivalent feeling extends to new single Picky Picky. There’s way too much cutesy rhyming going on (too many “ki’s/ky’s,” basically), but the song’s goofy energy holds things together.

In its own way, Picky Picky reminds me of a long-lost AOA track. AOA were never quite this brash when it comes to delivery, but Picky relies on a few heavily repeated refrains that feel very Jimin-esque. The track opens with its most insipid hook — a stupid/wonderful chant that takes full advantage of Picky’s potentially cloying title. From here, the first verse unveils unexpected charm. I love the shifting tempo and mile-a-minute staccato flourish that crashes in mid-way through. It’s not the catchiest melody I’ve ever heard, but it keeps listeners on their feet.

The AOA comparison really starts to come into play during Picky’s chorus. Not only does the vocal layering recall producer Brave Brothers’ iconic approach to arrangement, but the melody settles into a familiar vibe, coasting on an easy — if unspectacular — refrain. There’s a lot going on within Picky’s brisk three minutes, but none of it feels particularly out of place. A narrower focus probably would have resulted in a more refined track, but Picky’s ever-changing structure all but guarantees that every listener will find at least one moment to enjoy.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75



8 thoughts on “Song Review: Weki Meki – Picky Picky

  1. This song is just hella lot of fun. Not annoying, not cloying, not too clever, it just exists as a solid basic pop song, and knows exactly what it wants to be.

    Its a good summer song, and good workout song. Also, like Oh My girl who we talked about the other day, it fits right into the Weki Meki wacky sound.

    If this were my bias list (which it is not), I would have bias at 8, because I do make a point to check out Weki Meki songs when they are released.

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    This mashup is a little light on the miniskirt half, but still a fun comparison


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