Buried Treasure: Seventeen – Together

Most of the time, a k-pop group’s title track is the best song on their album. But, sometimes b-sides deserve recognition too. In the singles-oriented world of K-pop, I want to spotlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

Back in 2018, Seventeen released a b-side (Run To You) that many described as sounding like the opening to an anime. With Together, they’ve finally followed up on that style.

Now, “anime music” is actually more varied than you might think. So many J-pop singles are tied to anime in one way or another, but when one thinks of the classic anime sound, it’s likely to involve surging guitars, a brisk tempo and a sense of anthemic heft. Together largely opts for synths and piano over guitar, but it ticks those other two boxes quite nicely.

With title track Left & Right, I bemoaned the simplistic (some would even say dumbed down) hook at its core. In contrast, Together builds toward a satisfying, fleshed out chorus that forgoes gimmickry for a more substantial structure. Its sound is too niche to be a single (at least in Korea), but there are plenty of moments that hearken back to classic Seventeen of the past. Some of Together’s melodic turns almost remind me of Pretty U, and its chorused, celebratory chants recall the exuberant energy of Mansae. Together is nowhere near as satisfying as either of those tracks, but I appreciate its unflagging spirit. Never once does the song slow or shift. Right from the start, it knows exactly what it wants to be. That consistency is comforting, even if it may grow a bit repetitive by the end.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

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12 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: Seventeen – Together

  1. What, did we all wear ourselves out with the extensive comment section on Left & RIght? 52 comments and rising! (Nick, what is your most commented post?) And now one day later, crickets.

    My humble opinion number 1: Somehow the song sounds better on the crappy speaker on my cell phone than on my best fancy ear buds. Ear buds = no good.

    My humble opinion 2: it is the crazy skittering percussion with the bpm set a good 10 too high that makes it Jpop / anime like, and probably a good thing. It makes it that touch bonkers.

    My humble opinion number 3, freely shared: Once again this is the DK and Seungkwan show. Compare their first chorus vocals which soars to Woozi-The8’s second chorus which is okayish. DK really goes for broke, doesn’t he, like this is the only or last line he will ever sing in his life so he is just going to go all out and gives it 200%. The rest of the vocals meet expectations, no better or worse than they ever sound.

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  2. Oho even the buried treasure gets 8.5 only. It leads me to the question.. Which one has more weightage for this section

    Do you chose your favorite and highest ranking song for buried treasure?
    Or do you choose the song that tried to do something different even if it fails to hit the mark?


  3. back when the highlight medley had been released, i had thought the Hwang Hyun-produced “I Wish” was going to be a sure shoo-in for the Buried Treasure feature this time around. i’m pretty disappointed to say that i absolutely agree with this pick instead– “Together” and “Kidult” were just about the only songs that didn’t feel like total letdowns on this album, and yet they definitely didn’t feel victories either, in the context of Seventeen’s discography.

    i’m gonna use this much-less-populated comment section to confess that i think the Bighit acquisition is playing out poorly for Seventeen’s journey…… the “Fearless” performance absolutely pissed me off as a long-time fan. there were just so many people on stage, it looked much much like a BTS production than a Seventeen one. it’s almost like bigger budgets are killing their creativity (both songwriting- and choreography-wise), instead of encouraging it.


    • Yes. BigHit is in the habit of flooding the stage with more dancers times three, because they can and it is an easy way if you have the budget to give the impression of monumentality without having to think hard about choreography or art. It looks impressive, and so it must be impressive! Sure!

      “Fearless” resembled a dark Road to Kingdom stage to me. As we know quite well by now, budget does not equal quality. The Boyz pulled off a win with a painted door as prop. Heck, ONF had arguably the best song out in the finale and they didn’t even bother with anything expensive at all, only the same dance and dancers they used and repurposed on their rooftop performance video.

      In my mind I know they are singing “Because I’m Fearless”, but my ears are hearing “Become some thing less”. The latter would be an interesting twist on the usual superhero tropes, but really it is just bad enunciation on the initial sound in each word.


    • Just watched the Fearless performance and wow I agree completely. If it’s an end-of-the-year award show I get hiring back dancers, but Seventeen can fill up a regular music show stage on their own just fine. Pair it with the fairly subdued mood/instrumental of the song and the stage starts to border on claustrophobic for me. I guess I could slightly forgive this choice if the members actually decided on this, but who knows if they did. :|a


      • Hmn, I think this is going to be more of a special stage, one-time only performance. S.Coups mentioned it was a special gift to the ones. Who knows if they’ll bring it back for the awards shows as a show-stopper (although the Jeonghan stunt might be a bit too risky during a live)? I’ll definitely look forward to it.

        But I actually like the addition of the backup dancers and how that added dimension to their choreography. I blame the limitation of the Mnet stage that it felt a bit too closed in.


  4. oof I haven’t listened to the new album yet but part of me thought why isn’t this at least some kind of a sub-title, did they promote every track in the album? (IZ*ONE did but idk if every group will). So far, My My and Together >>>>>>>>>> Left & Right

    Blackpink is also coming back tomorrow and the teasers so far…..ummmm…


  5. Still my favorite in this album although “My My” is slowly reeling me in after seeing its funtastic choreo (which is now making me slightly wish it was the title track so I can see more of its playful live stages. This is the SVT choreo I fell in love with).

    Just like “Run to You”, I doubt that this’ll have a choreo paired to it. It also doesn’t feel like “Healing” or “Campfire” feel-good fan song hence would probably not be included in their world tour setlist. I am therefore left to despair over ever seeing this performed live.


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