Song Review: Somi – What You Waiting For

So… we can all just pretend that last year’s Birthday didn’t exist, right? I know that song has its defenders, but it was an incredibly odd, underwhelming debut for someone with as much hype as Somi. I have my issues with new single What You Waiting For as well, but it actually sounds like the kind of track I’d imagine when considering Somi’s strengths as a performer.

What You Waiting For feels like Somi auditioning for a fifth slot in BLACKPINK. It’s more of an actual song than producer Teddy has given BLACKPINK in a while, and that’s something to be celebrated. Choruses are something to be celebrated. But, she’s still adopting that bratty “pop girl” affectation that has swept global pop music over the past few years. It’s a real pet peeve of mine, as it feels inauthentic and copycat – sort of the female equivalent of the “skrrt skrrt” that K-pop’s male rappers occasionally toss into a track.

The song opens with a plucked xylophone loop. This instrumental sample was ubiquitous last year, and has thankfully become more rare in 2020. It overstays its welcome on What You Waiting For, but the song quickly transforms into a more satisfying club track. The pulsing chorus is refreshingly old-school, as if it could have been ripped straight from 2012 or 2013. Somi delivers it well, even if she doesn’t have a particularly impactful vocal presence. The track moves at a clip, coming in at under three minutes while still managing to build toward that final, structure-shifting chant that Teddy seems to love so much. Overall, What You Waiting For leaves me with little desire to hit “replay,” but it’s a competent pop song with a decent chorus and an extremely Westernized sound. This should do well for her.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75

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19 thoughts on “Song Review: Somi – What You Waiting For

  1. It’s a great song, just a little too basic for me to hit replay. Also the fact that there was an actual catchy chorus blew my mind for some reason.

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    • The track has grown on me, and it’s continuing to do so. It seems like it’s simplicity is it’s greatest strength. It wastes no time getting to the fun and that I can appreciate. I think Somi should stick with the club sound, it suits her. But next time come up with a more creative message.


  2. This sounds like a leftover song choice from Rose’s solo song. What, Rose’ doesn’t have a solo out yet? Oooh, snap.

    Well, if the bratty teen song appeals to you, here is another one. At this point I don’t know who or what Somi’s character is – it has been subsumed into the entertainment machine that cranks these personalities out. Complete with wardrobe change every 10 seconds, or faster. Costume changes, even within the same scene! A dozen locations for the MV! I think the artists lose their personality even more if they (or their minders) don’t pick one stellar visual idea and stick with it. Maybe two ideas, but no more.

    Song is OK. There is no reason for me to hit the replay button either.

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  3. On my first listen I was pleased with it,not loving but pleased. The build up to the chorus I personally thought it was well done and the chorus held to that standard (although by the end of my second listen the phrase “What you waiting for?” started grinding on me a bit). The sang outro part after the bridge(?) was also another piece that really caught my ear and a fun end to the song. Pretty solid but nothing that really stands out.

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  4. For now, I actually prefer Birthday. I like Somi voice in that song. This song is too Westernized that it just does not leave much impression to me, and I have problems with the lyrics (actually with most of the songs). This still fine for me, but I wish there would be vocal moments in this song.


  5. I thought it was too simple and I still think it’s too simple, but the build up to the chorus gives me a nostalgic 2010s club track feeling and after a couple of replays I really like it. It’s not trying to be in your face like some of the tracks this year and I appreciate that. I wish they added more hooks and instrumental during the peaks of the song and the end because it felt a bit empty.


  6. this song and “don’t know what to do” by BLACKPINK seem like they were originally for Rosé. i don’t know why, but i just get that vibe


  7. I definitely enjoyed it more than birthday just still not to my taste enough that I’d probably listen to it much. my favorite track from her is still outta my head for a couple of reasons similar to DKWTD…hopefully she doesn’t also get stuck in the recent blackpink trend of having better bsides than title tracks.
    (PS really hope you listen to the new Yukika album—- as a city pop lover her music is a total gem. a lot of the production is by monotree and none of it has let down yet.)


  8. I don’t hate it and I wish Somi the best, but it sounds like and american pop song from 5 years ago.

    Is teddy the only composer? I can actually see this as an old english song that never got released and finally got translated into korean


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