Song Review: Wonho – Losing You

Former Monsta X member Wonho fell victim to K-pop’s quick-to-judge outrage machine, exiting the group in dramatic fashion last October. Since then, he’s gone on to foster a solo career. After months of waiting, pre-release Losing You is the first taste of what a future Wonho discography might sound like. With that in mind, it’s hard to see what sets his music apart from countless other pop soloists.

Often, when a member leaves (or is forced to leave) their idol group, the urge is to embrace styles that feel more “artistic” or “meaningful.” You can’t blame the idols. K-pop’s agency-led system is infamous for its high level of control. While some performers are happy to embrace the road-map laid out for them, others undoubtedly want to express themselves in a more personal way. Unfortunately, for Korean idols that expression usually involves boring tropes and genres like coffeehouse, piano ballad or “deep” English-language lyrics. Wonho’s Losing You ticks off two of those boxes, but fails to bring anything new to the table.

I get Wonho’s desire to branch out internationally. Monsta X is quite successful globally, and he’s got a vast, sympathetic fan base to draw from. But apart from the connection listeners might feel to his story, Losing You is really quite slight as a piece of music. It’s a typical pop ballad, performed typically. If I had listened to this without knowing the talent behind it, I would have assumed it came from some generic American solo act. The melody is fine, but far from compelling. The song kind of glides in and out, leaving little in its wake. It feels overly short, like an unfinished thought. We’ll see what Wonho musters for his official debut, but Losing You is unlikely to appeal outside his fan base.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

7 thoughts on “Song Review: Wonho – Losing You

  1. Not a monbebe, but worth stating that Wonho wuz robbed.

    This song sounds like every male solo drippy drip meaningful song that I can’t stand these days. Some other famous group’s solo songs sound really close to this, but would have even more vocal processing over the top, and a hefty synth wash in the background.

    This song is definitely not for me.

    OT: I have been sucked into the Phil Collins – Genesis trap the past few days. Have had “Follow You, Follow Me” on repeat. Far superior. I can’t believe it dates to 1978. The instrumental is so good! Really, why is everyone listening to and buying Phil Collins these days except that its all drippy and yet really good. ‘
    Genesis. Where oh where has my Xeno gone? Right at this prompt he would be posting some early Genesis song that goes on for like 15 minutes. Xeno, you OK?

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  2. i love this song 😦 i loved the songs he wrote while in mx and this one resembles some of them so it was a nice surprise for me. considering it’s a pre-release i think it’s quite enjoyable, especially if taking the lyrics into context of everything that has happened.

    I really do hope the album is good tho! I agree that this song might not appeal outside his fan base.


  3. This song would easily find a place on All About Luv, and while it may not be your style of music, it’s my favorite. I honestly think this is a great choice for his first single. It’s a fairly simple piano ballad so there’s not a lot of production, putting the focus on the vocals and lyrics. It allows him to really introduce his voice & at the same time appeal to his fans through the lyrics. And I don’t think its appeal is limited to only his fan base. It’s a nice, solid pop song, & I could definitely see this being played on the radio in the US. I also strangely like Wonho’s voice in English more than Korean. I’m a lot more impressed with his debut than I thought I would be.

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  4. Hmmm, yeah not a fan of this song. I give it a 5.5. I was going to give it a 6 but idk it just doesn’t sit with me. No impact. He’s such a strong performer that I was expecting something a bit more in your face and with more personality. Well unless mopey is considered personality. I want to get hyped but this is just so desaturated. Also cannot stand the weird effect on his voice at the end. It just ruins the point of a drawn-out note.

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  5. I beg to differ.. am not a fan of his/MX in the past, but happened to hear this song and got me looking into his profile. Now I’ve becoming Wenee.


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