The Bias List’s 5th Anniversary Celebration!

Time sure flies, doesn’t it? Depending on your time zone, today The Bias List officially turns five years old. That’s half a decade of debuts, disbandments and so, so, so many comebacks.

Over the course of these five years, I’ve watched the industry’s unprecedented international expansion, spearheading by BTS’s rise to global fame. I’ve experienced the second and third generation of K-pop slowly give way to new voices. I’ve covered the debuts of industry mainstays like NCT, BLACKPINK, Astro, Momoland and Pentagon. Agencies have collapsed and built back up again, as the “big three” transformed into the “big four.” Musical trends have come and gone, from innocent pop to tropical house to future bass to trap to retro.

And for nearly everything, there has been a countdown. What can I say? I love a good countdown!

The Bias List’s exact launch date is a bit nebulous, as I frontloaded the site with a bunch of entries from my old blog so that there would be a library of content from the start. But for the purpose of celebrating milestones, I’m going to call December 28th, 2015 the official birth of the Bias List. That was the day I posted my first original entry – a review of the long-awaited comeback from K-pop legends Turbo, of all things. And apart from January 10th-11th of 2016, I’ve posted content every single day since. And, I have a good excuse for that two-day lull. I was experiencing my ultimate bias group Infinite’s Infinite Effect tour front row in LA – a K-pop memory I still hold as one of my dearest.

Back then, I was astonished that anyone would read my reviews. And getting a comment – positive or otherwise – was a rare treat. The Bias List languished on the far fringes of Google’s search results. Early on, my biggest goal was to become the first result when Google users searched for “K-pop reviews.” At the time, it seemed like an overly ambitious thing to wish for, but it happened later that year and, as far as I know, the results haven’t changed since.

I’ve never claimed to be an expert on anything, but I am passionate about the subjects I’m interested in. And, I tend to be the type that longs to know everything they can about a given topic. So, while I may not be some musical virtuoso, and most certainly use crude or broad terms in place of technical language, I do my best to retain a fairly wide knowledge of the K-pop idol industry – both past and present. Context has always played a big part in my writing, and is one of the benefits of the quick, real-time approach that blogging offers. Not all of my opinions have held through the years, but they’re always authentic in the moment.

As The Bias List’s readership has grown, interactions between readers have also began to flourish. This has been one of the most rewarding things for me to experience. This sense of community is something I never could have imagined back in December of 2015, and I hope that I can continue to provide a place for thoughtful, respectful (and yes, passionate) discussion about this music we all love. Thank you all for your participation and for sticking with me over the years – whether you agree with my opinions or not.

I suppose it’s natural to slow down after five years of tackling something as time-consuming as a daily blog. But strangely enough, the opposite has been true for The Bias List. Barring a brief dip in 2018, the annual number of posts (and accompanying word count) has increased year-to-year. 2020 has been especially prolific, with a total of 827 individual posts so far (blame it on the pandemic, I guess…). This expansion has also spun out of new focuses and interests, and this will be spotlighted tomorrow. For the first time ever, I’m counting down my top 50 J-pop songs of the year. The countdown will be revealed in three separate posts throughout the day.

Japanese music may seem like an odd way to follow up a K-pop blog’s milestone. Rest assured, The Bias List isn’t transforming into a J-pop site anytime soon. I plan to keep chugging along like I have for the past five years. Still, even if you don’t think of yourself as a J-pop fan, I’d encourage you to take a look at the countdown tomorrow. In my humble opinion, it’s actually stronger than its K-pop counterpart this year, and there are plenty of treasures to discover. I hope you’ll find something you love.

After all, that’s why we’re all here, right? We love music, we love talking about it, and we love sharing it with others.

72 thoughts on “The Bias List’s 5th Anniversary Celebration!

  1. Thank you Nick for all of your hardwork to run this blog! It is really seldom to encounter quite in depth reviews about Kpop which mainly talking about visuals (hence reaction videos are all over Youtube). Your reviews encourage me to be more open for new Kpop music and to open dictionary lol.

    Sometimes I get salty reading your reviews, but at the end of the day, reading your reviews has become habitual when a comeback arrives and I am always relieved you will stay true to your opinion no matter how other people might think otherwise. Once again, Thank you!


  2. Congrats on 5 years! I remember reading my first review on this site. It was Stray Kids’ Miroh, and i felt so overwhelmed that someone else had the same opinions on that song as i did. No one else in my school liked it, they either disliked kpop or they didnt like the song. The more i looked at your posts, the more i realised that our opinions are quite similar – that’s one thing that really pushed me in becoming a reader of this site. I also noticed your way with words, its extremely easy to read – unlike many other blogging sites. I’m sure this comes from the fact that you’re an author (right?). Either way, what really sold me was your kind hearted nature and the community we have here. Of course, some comments are ridiculous and inappropriate, but for the most part it’s a wonderful place where we can all share our opinions on songs. Once again, thanks for the year and we look forward to the next!

    I will always stan ‘The Bias List’!


    • I can’t believe that none of your classmates liked Miroh. How is that even possible? Haha

      Thanks for being part of this great community. I always like hearing your thoughts (and, of course, your music!)

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      • Unfortunately, dance/house music is extremely unpopular in my school and the current trends are rap/trap/autotune. However, I did manage to create a small community for Miroh by doing a dance performance and creating an instrumental remake that my friends quite liked 😂. Fortunately, this place really helped me express my thoughts and it’s always a bonus hearing your thoughts on my music 😊


  3. Congratulations for your blog’s anniversary! This is one of my go-to sites whenever I want to read insightful reviews on the Kpop music I’m currently listening to.

    Thank you for your effort in managing this site. Cheers to more years of awesome content!


  4. Wow, 11 years since you first started blogging Nick!!!

    Speaking of Alienhits, I have been listening to Loreen’s Euphoria waaaay too much. It is probably my favorite non-Kpop song of 2012 (which it was for you, at least back in 2012). Melody Club have also became an interest (Hunter is soo good), and NightWish’s 2020 comeback has gotten several plays for me too. Also, both of the top Melodifestivalen songs this year are great. Despite this, I really have yet to enjoy a song by The Ark.

    Do you have any suggestions for me to get deep into Melody Club, Loreen, and Nightwish’s discography?

    Sorry if these seems gibberish to the average reader…

    Congrats Nick!


    • This coming February, it’ll actually be 14 years. Sheesh, I’m old!

      You can never listen to Euphoria too many times. It’s so freaking good. I never connected with any of her other music in the same way, but I always thought that Darin’s En Apa Som Liknar Dig and Nobody Knows felt like spiritual successors:

      What’s a few Swedish throwbacks in the comments section of a K-pop blog, huh?

      As for Melody Club, you can’t go wrong. Every single song is excellent. They were pretty flawless. A few favorites are Electric, Take Me Away, Killing A Boy and Baby (co-written by our dear K-pop composer Thomas Troelsen).

      I never followed Nightwish all that closely. I just loved their Imaginaerum album. Every song on that one is great.

      Finally, if you can’t get into the Ark, we can’t be friends. Haha just kidding! Seriously, though, Calleth You, Cometh I is one of my life anthems. Experiencing it live in a giant audience of Swedish fans at an outdoor festival as it began to rain was basically a religious experience. Or, at least as close as I get!

      But if that’s not your speed, check out It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane or One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young or Absolutely No Decorum.


      • I like It takes a fool to remain sane. Just like it though, still searching for The Ark single which would connect to me.

        Both Darin songs are great! Thanks for the reccomendation! I love anthemic, emotive EDM, and I really enjoy seeing it in some Swedish classics.

        Electric and Baby are great. I think when it comes to bands, Melody Club might be my favorite from Sweden. Hunter and Electric deserve so many accolades.

        Will check out the Nightwish album!

        14 Years, you are a veteran blogger, congratulations 🙂


    • Wait I really hope you don’t mind me butting in because I rarely see Nightwish mentioned in Kpop related circles. I don’t know how much you’ve listened to already but Once has got a lot of their major classics—Nemo, Wish I Had an Angel, Ghost Love Score—although I personally enjoy Century Child as a full album the most. Beauty of the Beast is their obligatory 10+ minute epic and Bless the Child never fails to make me weirdly emotional. I have seen a lot of people mention how Tarja’s voice and operatic style turned them off, so if that’s the case I would definitely recommend checking the recent live albums done with the current lead singer Floor, who’s really done a great job revitalizing the older songs with her own style. They’ve intentionally shifted away from the straight opera metal style post the Tarja split and have gone for a more diverse set of sounds and influences (for better or for worse…). Sorry again for the unasked for reply haha Nightwish are easily one of my favorite bands.


  5. Thanks Nick! It has only been around a year since I found this blog, but I check it every day. I don’t always agree with your opinions, but I value them. They always make me look at songs a different way or make me give a song a second chance. For example, my bias for skz can blind me to miss some points for improvement with them. I like reading your commentary because it can prevent me from becoming too narrow minded with my favs.

    I hope to continue reading your blog posts in 2021. I’ll try to comment more as well. I kind of like voicing my opinion and this seems like the perfect place to do it.

    Congrats Nick!

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  6. Like many others, the first post I read on your blog was the one about where to buy albums. Since then, I’ve gradually eased into reading your reviews. Now, I read your posts so often that when I listen to a new comeback, my mind subconsciously points out the elements that you tend to like/dislike. Congratulations on the milestone!

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    • Oh gosh, I almost feel like I should apologize. That must be irritating to have my critical voice rattling around in your head after listening to a song. I can be pretty predictable, though 🙂

      That “where to buy albums” post is soooo outdated. I really need to update it. In case you were curious, I now buy 90% of my albums from gmarket. I could go on and on about how great a service it is. Maybe I should write a post someday…

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  7. Congratulations on your 5th year. If there’s anything I have to thank this blog (and you!) is making me realize that most of my favorite songs had something in common: Sweetune. I didn’t even bother reading who was the production team behind my favorite songs until I saw you write about it. And now I like Sweetune just as much as you!


  8. It’s been incredible to see
    the number of comments and interactions on your reviews increase so sharply over the past couple of years. I’m really happy you’ve stuck with
    this blog so consistently and for so long…I remember being worried a few times over the years that you were considering a hiatus when we’d go a few months without any strong comebacks! It’s really paid off now, huh?

    On another note, your remark about “new interests” briefly made me think you were about to introduce K-drama reviews. I certainly wouldn’t be averse to some branching out, if you ever were to find the time….


    • Gosh, you’ve been with the blog for awhile, huh? Do you remember which year you started following it? You could be one of my most enduring readers 😉

      Reviewing dramas would be a lot of fun, and time-consuming. I’m not sure I’ll ever do it, but I am planning a “favorite dramas of 2020” post for Tuesday.


  9. Wow, happy anniversary! It just occurred to me that I’ve been reading daily (and commenting inconsistently) for a little over three and a half years. I can’t type so much as a “t” into the search bar anymore without automatically being sent here!

    Checking your new reviews and everyone’s comments has really become an integral part of my daily routine, and I’m forever impressed that you (with help from everyone here) have managed to keep this blog a safe haven for voicing your genuine opinions, even with how big the site has grown. Usually, the more traction something like this gets, the less inclined people become to be critical, but I’ve noticed some pretty startling consistency of solid conversation over the past few years. Here’s to more good years to come!


    • Yep, that’s as much to do with my frequent commenters (yourself included) as the posts themselves. It’s getting harder to keep things cordial as the readership grows, but I’m committed to it. So, hopefully the immature comments will remain few and far between!

      And wow… three and a half years! Thanks for being such a longtime reader!!

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  10. Wow, 5 years! I love kpop and I love this site because this is a place where I can share this passion of mine (I have only few friends who “do” kpop maybe because of my age). I started listening to Kpop back in college 2009 (supposedly the Golden Age of kpop to some) but drifted off around 2012 then came back 2017 so I missed a lot of groups! With your blog I got to listen to groups like Infinite, Sweetune, SKZ (I dont like their music at first but your reviews of Miroh and Side Effects made me give them another chance lol) and many more and boy, do I love them now! You’re like a kpop evangelist 😁 Thank you, Nick!


    • “K-pop evangelist” both impresses and terrifies me in equal measure! But, I’ll take it 🙂

      (And if I’ve gotten you into Infinite, I have done my job…)


  11. happy anniversary! your blog has been a constant force of positivity (even in the tropical pop and trap phase) for the past few years, and i’m so glad that you’ve carved this space for genuine interactions and comments!

    though i only started commenting last year, ive been reading this site from 2017, and it’s became a part of my daily routine! you’ve convinced me to check out many songs that i wouldn’t have listened to otherwise, thank you for continue to write! here’s to the jpop countdown tomorrow, and a better 2021!


  12. Congratulations on five years!! I found your blog through your legendary song review of the Chaser at a time when I was first starting to get into Infinite and it really helped push me along. You’ve helped me discover so many artists and songs I never would’ve looked twice at, and thanks to you I’ve started paying more attention and giving much more credit to the producers who help make these fantastic songs. Reading this blog has become something of a daily routine, and I’m glad you’re still going strong^^


    • There’s no better way to find The Bias List than through The Chaser!! I’m so happy to have been a small part in helping you discover Infinite’s amazing discography 🙂


  13. Congratulations! As someone who has been around not that far from the starting line, I have to let you know I have always enjoyed your blog and held it in a high regard. It keeps my longtime love of kpop alive, and I often use your posts as a way to catch up on releases or discover songs I might have missed. You’re largely responsible for bringing my love for some groups back to the surface (like FTISLAND, right as they released their ten year anniversary album – what a treat for me!) and for influencing my kpop musical taste. Fostering might be the better word however, since you and I tend to have quite similar opinions when it comes to releases. What a relief it was to find your blog that treated this genre as serious, and with longtime dedication! Even if I clash with your opinions sometimes, I always have been able to completely understand why you felt the way you felt, leading that to hardly ever happen. I guess I can thank you for my playlists being filled with as many amazing b-sides as they are now! It’s also fun to listen to an album and try to predict which track you’ll spotlight as a buried treasure – it’s almost always my favorite track, because again, we have similar tastes! You can imagine my excitement when I watched you cover every single track ever of my favorite girl group of all time, f(x). But I’m rambling. All this to say, you’re my favorite blog out there. I will keep telling people who are serious about music about this place, and I’m happy that I’ve led more than a few here! You’ve found a loyal reader in me, and I hope you have many more amazing years ahead of you with The Bias List.


  14. This is amazing Nick! I remembered the first time I saw your blog back in 2018. I was actually finding some K-Pop critics since all music industries have one, don’t they? And when I found about your site, every comeback since then I go here and see what you think. In recent memory, I was absolutely salty on you for not enjoying some songs but now I get it. Also I just start commenting this year, since I don’t like to chat a lot.

    We may not have as close of a music taste as I may have seen back then, but certainly you are the reason I started a blog, deforestedmusic, thanks a lot Nick! Hope for a fruitful and safe 2021!


  15. Huge congrats on the milestone, Nick! I’ve been reading since around ‘Crown’, so nearly two years now. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this blog, and subscribing to your Twitter feed really solidified it – I’ll often spend entire mornings waiting for the notification to come through so I can read your thoughts on the topic du jour.

    Thanks for all you do and keep up the excellent work! (Assuming you’re taking enough time for yourself, of course – rest is key!)


  16. Wow, congratulations on five years! I remember that I first found this blog through it’s Dance The Night Away post – as an avid Once, I was dismayed to find that their newest single at the time wasn’t up to par with their previous material. The other Kpop fans at my school disliked Twice for being overly cutesy and regarded DtNA as of the same quality as their other songs, but I wondered why it seemed different. And as I read that article, I continued to read your other Twice posts and eventually got hooked.

    Your blog helped me discover so many new songs I never would have listened to otherwise – The Chaser, The Sixth Sense, even Side Effects. It persuaded to give me groups I would have normally been wary of (“construction” music) such as Stray Kids, NCT, and Ateez another chance. And now, I listen to all three of them almost religiously!

    I’ve only left a couple of comments so far despite reading for some time now, but I look forward to you continuing to review Kpop songs for years to come!


  17. I Actually discovered you all the way back in 2019 with your october post of ATEEZ’s Wonderland and TXT’s Runaway but didn’t bother to check anything else out. Then I fully discovered you during January 2020 so it’s almost about to be one year since I ever came around this blog.

    But you have to know that In this one year, I feel like I have seen almost every post from you. From your EXO post to your Infinite ones, Your writing has made a mark on me. I have learnt different words from your blogs such as cathartic, Idiosyncratic etc.

    Your an Influential writer Nick, Unlike one I have ever seen before. From your posts to Infinite The Chaser to EXO’s History to SHINee’s Sherlock and a few Golden Child posts, you have been a prolific writer since Day 1.

    I have discovered new Music Genres and my interest in Music has peaked unlike anything before and If I ever have to write a music blog. It’s all because of you.

    I am excited to see the posts in 2021, I am excited to see what will happen and you being there expressing my words which I will probably never put through cohesive sentences in staggering.

    But let’s see what you have done In 2020, the ones which really piqued my interest on your blog!

    1st Post! Ateez Wonderland and TXT Runaway:

    Just amazing posts overall! Though, I didn’t discover much of your blog. I loved these posts

    2nd Post!
    ATEEZ – Wave and INFINITE – The Chaser


  18. My journey with this site started in 2017 and is still going on strongly.
    Everyone has already said the feelings that are attached with this site and I’m no exception. Most of the times I am earliest one here and come back again the next day to see the comments (I really enjoy reading them).

    I did start commenting but was quick to accept that wasn’t my forte., so went into hibernation.
    There are many groups which I like and hence half the time I’m agreeing with you and the other half I’m not, which only makes this site interesting and keeps me on edge.

    Also I am religiously listening to your jpop recommendations and have widened my playlist with so many spectacular songs. So I’m always thankful for that, as I don’t think I would have come to know about this without your wonderful blogs.

    I don’t know you personally but I hope you and your family are always happy and safe and you’re surrounded by love. I am very much thankful for all you do.
    You do this site with so much sincerity and dedication that I’m often left in awe.. And I’m saying this because I have seen sites become unbearable and intolerable going on..but u have always improved and have always remain respectful to the artists you review.

    You’re awesome Nick (◜‿◝)

    PS. I’m missing Mymagoogle. Hope everything’s okay. (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧


  19. Though I don’t comment much, I’ve been one of your readers since around 2017 and I really, truly appreciate the quality content you provide. Especially thankful because I found my Jpop favorites through your blog (and I’m more of a Jpop fan now!). I’m very happy for the success of your blog. You deserve it and more. Thank you so much!


  20. Just wanted to say thank you for your 5 years of posting! Love checking into your blog periodically and just seeing if we both agree on the latest song releases or not, but ultimately I really love your in-depth analysis of these songs musically, which I think is really taken for granted, especially when visuals and popularity usually take the center of attention.


  21. Congratulations Biaslist Blog and Nick on your 5 year mark! I only recently discovered both K-Pop and your blog and as I’ve said somewhere on some other post, your blog has helped me find some treasures. Though our music tastes differ, your posts are always a fun and enjoyable read.

    Thanks biaslist blog- May our biases always prosper!


  22. My warmest congratulations Nick! That’s quite a lot of years and quite a lot of effort you put into the blog, it’s really admirable. You honestly made this horrendous year a whole lot better so thank you very much! I am looking forward to your 2021 content.

    PS. Hopefully we get some new INFINITE music in 2021! We deserve it.


    • We certainly do! I’m hoping for some sort of sub-unit release before they can come back as a full(ish) group. Their recent “ask me anythings” on youtube have been a ton of fun and remind me how much I love the interactions between the members.


  23. Nick, it’s been amazing to see your blog grow, expand… I think I’ve been here since 2015-2016, the early stages of this blog. I don’t know how I got here in the first place. I think my first comment was on top ten BoA songs? (My name was Hailey and I didn’t have an account back then haha)
    We did have similar musical tastes from the beginning (big choruses, electric guitar sections, anthemic productions), but seeing your blog, and seeing the b-sides, and even J-Pop made my musical exploration even better.
    It’s been a ride, and a blessing this year in midst of covid and other depressing events.
    Please keep up the good work! I wish you all the best! Always


    • Wow, you really have been here from the start! Thanks for sticking with the site over the years, and I’m glad I’m able to introduce you to some new music 🙂


  24. I love this blog so much, and I owe it to introducing me to Golden Child 🙂 I’m definitely no “OG reader” but I remember reading the blog around the time when Miroh came out. Little did I know it would become my most visited site and I’d read through every single post when I should’ve been paying attention in class. I can’t always say I agree, but I always value your opinion and I can’t wait to read all the posts in the future.


  25. I’ve been reading reviews here since 2018 and it’s been a blast. The consistent reviews always give me something to look forward to and they have helped me write better aswell. Because of this blog I became a fan of Ateez, Golcha, Taemin…… Just SO MANY great artists and it really is heartwarming to see this site to as well as it is doing. Great Job Nick! K bye I’m gonna get into f(x), just finished listening to 4 Walls!!!


  26. It seems I’m late as usual, but anyways, let’s use this happy occasion to talk about my favorite topic: myself!

    So the first time I found out about this site was in the year of Our Lord 201DK and can’t remember, but it probably was when looking for more information on G-Dragon’s Crooked (a song I was and still am infatuated with), which I had just found out about while stuck in a hotel room –in the Japanese version, no less, but I quickly fixed that–, and I can remember that because I was directed to the Legendary songs page, which at the time consisted of exactly 3 songs (The Chaser, Crooked and B1A4’s Lonely) and lots of empty white space. I think the rest of the blog was rather empty too, so I left and promptly forgot about it, but not without first listening to and having my mind blown away by The Chaser, undoubtedly to Nick’s delight (and I don’t say this just to suck up to you, Nick; in fact, it’s only after I rediscovered the blog around mid-to-late 2019 that I found out about your fixation on it. But I get it. There’s no song quite like it.) And I’d like to say The Chaser widened my horizons and I became a full Kpoppie then and there (actually, it did. From then on I listened to a whopping 3 groups.)
    But that’d be a lie, because my induction into K-popdom has been a very, very, Verivery slow and gradual (roughly 6 years and still ongoing *peace sign*) process probably helped more by the fact that they started showing K-pop videos on national TV than anything and shortly after I got smitten with BTS’ Blood, Sweat and Tears my sister became a Bangtanhead and we started having posters and Jimin’s voice all around the house *panting*

    But still, rediscovering the blog has really really helped from the time I couldn’t tell a Chewing Gum from a DNA and all through the pains of learning the names of (then) 18 NCTs and so on, and my listening has expanded a lot because thanks to you mentioning the songs’ highlights now I don’t simply dismiss songs on first listening if I find them rather lacking, plus your helpful addition of context to every review has (along with the man that shouldn’t be mentioned, Kpopalypse) taught me most of what I know about the industry, I guess, so that’s a big plus. In fact, at the beginning of the year I knew pretty much jack-all about most of the groups that I now consider my biases, but this blog has helped with that and all through my first year of actually seeing rookies debut and grow (most of which, like TOO and Verivery, I probably wouldn’t have found out about if not for this site) and even though my (sporadic) posting seems to be all about telling you why the rookie song you dislike is actually quite the bop (DKB is an unfinished business of ours 🧐) and I often grumble about the shameless Woollim worship and though our tastes seem to be diametrically opposed most of the time (yelled songs like MCND’s Nanana are cool; I didn’t mind trap except for the tempo-messing, neither do I mind heavy voice processing that much; find most Japanese pop outside of Exile, and Sweetune in doses larger than 2 songs, rather tiresome, and if I ruled a country I’d probably ban public listening of 80s music on pain of death…) THIS. BLOG. IS. an amazing resource and what you do is a great public service, Nick-san, and all of the people that must be joining the K-cult nowadays are lucky to have you and TBL.

    So congrats on these 5 years.

    Testimonial out *Phew*


    • Haha, I laughed out loud quite a few times while reading this. I’m so happy that you share your perspective and opinions, especially when they’re different from mine.

      I’m glad we can agree on The Chaser and Crooked and (I’m sure) tons of other music.

      I hate to break it to you, but the shameless Woollim worship probably won’t be ending any time soon… at least until they start releasing music I dislike. Hopefully that never happens!


      • I guess one has to give it to Woollim. I can’t remember a song of theirs that really stuck in my head since I Hate (Woohyun’s live version 🤤) but there’s never a *bad* one either, eh?

        Ok, scratch that. For whatever reason (Lee Hyeop) my mind’s been replaying Nostalgia for days now, so I guess that counts as the new I Hate.

        And Golcha’s b-sides always make for pleasant background listening. 🤔

        I’m falling… 🎶


  27. Thank you for running this site!

    My favorite thing about the little community here is that people can be critical of K-pop releases without the fear of getting dragged by fans. The tone of criticisms found here often comes from a place of love, and of holding artists to the standards of their best work.

    I’ve been able to crystalize my own taste by comparing it to yours, and your A-Z list finally got me to listen through Infinite’s discography (my playlist went from 2 Infinite songs to 21, big thanks). Dipping my toes into the world of J-pop is next, probably..


  28. congrats on 5 years!!🥳 such a big milestone, well done and thank you for all you do❤️

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me🥺🤍


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