Song Review: Hong Eunki – On&On

Ex-Rainz member Hong Eunki has released several solo singles, though I’ve yet to cover any of them on this site. But 2021 is only a few days old, and there just hasn’t been much music released yet. On&On benefits from this desolate slate. All eyes and ears are ready for something new. So, does Eunki deliver?

With little competition, a song like On&On feels quite exciting. It doesn’t offer anything we haven’t heard a million times before, treading an ultra-familiar percolating deep house beat. But to the song’s credit, it fully commits to this sound. The tempo remains brisk and engaging the entire time, and the multi-pronged hook traces a similar structure to its underlying instrumental. In its own way, this is a refreshing approach – even if the genre is anything but.

Eunki supplies a rather generic vocal, but the melody is nimble enough to allow him moments of falsetto-led dynamism. I think the second verse is especially strong, which isn’t something you catch me saying often. It does exactly what this segment should, offering a bridge between choruses that twists the song in new directions without upending its energy or momentum. I wish more K-pop tracks would take cues from this technique. But when it comes down to it, On&On’s series of hooks are a bit repetitive and lack imagination. The groove is strong enough to compensate, but much of the song feels more like a sketch than a fully-realized showstopper. The one exception is the vocal arrangement, which enhances On&On with layered flourishes in all the right moments.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

10 thoughts on “Song Review: Hong Eunki – On&On

  1. Song Review: HONG Eunkie – On and On
    Former RAINZ member , Eunkie has been struggling to break into the stratosphere for a while, I am also one of the few to blame as I have failed to connect with his singles, but I hope On and On is an indication for greater things to come. On and On takes cues of the popular deep house (and trop pop) trend and adds a percussion which feels all at once memorable, Eunkie’s performance here is undeniably charming, giving the track a well sense of polish.

    Yes, the song is simple and yes, sometimes it settles for its generic template but if there is anything I am weak against, It’s good melodies, and On offers some breathless hooks which give the song an uplifting spirit, It’s absolutely refreshing and drives the song to utter panache. These hooks recall Ab6ix’s refreshing Breath from last year.

    If there is anything the song lacks in, It’s a lack of a great climax, On and On sustains enough energy but it feels too nimble, If the song offered a great sense of dynamics then it would’ve surely been great and even if the song doesn’t offer anything special, It’s really fun to listen through.

    My RATING IS 8.5.


  2. It hits every mark, keeps up the momentum and has a nice vocal performance too. And yet it isn’t compelling. This guy is arguably better than the leaders of half of the 3rd/4th gen in raw talent, and also has the dance and visuals so desired, and yet. This is where we intone “charisma” or “star power” or “stage presence”, and whichever one it is, it ain’t here enough. Maybe he is just too “nice”?

    At least because there are so few other songs released since sometime in mid-December, well, maybe I’ll take this one anyway.

    On a related note, Super Junior have pushed their mid-December – then mid-January – album out to a date tbd while reassuring we Elves that they are working very hard on it.


  3. Please don’t take BLSSD! Please don’t take BLSSD!

    I hope that they will go with Sweetune! and if they do take BLSSD, I hope it sounds like Infinite’s Begin Again….


    • The teasers definitely have a BLSSD feel to them so far. But for whatever reason, I have a feeling it’ll be a totally different producer… someone who hasn’t done a title track for them yet. I hope it’s good…


  4. Deep house beat is right. This is the type of music I expect from AB6IX. The song itself isn’t groundbreaking, but there is also nothing inherently grating about it…which is REFRESHING. To me its a simple and clean house beat song. If I actually did ever go out to the club, I fancy this would be one of the songs I would dance to.


  5. i enjoyed the song! everything doesnt have to be original and new, a classic dance tune. nice visuals. his mini album last year was great and his summer(?) single after that was fun. he is managing to deliver a string of good quality tracks without long a long hiatus. and he’s even taking up acting and classes atm, so i was shocked this dropped. i admire his dedication and hope his big break comes soon!


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