Song Review: Jeong Sewoon – In The Dark

I was beginning to wonder if Jeong Sewoon would ever return with the follow-up to part one of his album 24. But with a title representative of his (Korean) age, I suppose the second half had to come out before his May birthday. Dividing the album in parts allows for a contrast of sounds, and new single In The Dark is certainly different than last year’s Say Yes. But at their core, the two share a similar sense of groove.

I’ve always thought Sewoon’s music is at its best when it utilizes his guitar in a rhythmic way. And despite a moody makeover, In The Dark is all rhythm. Guitar chugs throughout the verses, transitioning to a more restrained strum during the pre-chorus as percussion takes over the heavy lifting. It all comes together for the chorus, which has a nice, fleshed-out arrangement that gives it a satisfying weight. It’s a simple three-part structure, with Sewoon’s honeyed vocals pulling it all together.

To put it succinctly, In The Dark’s simplicity is both its strength and weakness. It’s not a song that offers any surprises, making it feel a little underwhelming at times. And, the melody that forges the chorus doesn’t feel all that different from the one that drives the verses. Everything works together to craft a palpable mood, and that consistency is welcome. But, I think the track could have done with some extra element as a post-chorus hook. Maybe I’m just stuck on that excellent synth that punctuated Say Yes

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

11 thoughts on “Song Review: Jeong Sewoon – In The Dark

  1. Jeong Sewoon has been hit or miss for me, but this song is a hit for me.

    Its softly sultry without being over the top sexy. What is really clever is that the main melody line is held to the octave below middle C which allows him to harmonize with himself one octave above middle C in his pleasing falsetto, thus giving us the best of both worlds. It also makes it easier to sing along with because the guys can sing the lower line, and the girls the higher line.

    The melody feels like an old torch song done in a contemporary kpop R&B style. In particular, I hear flavors from the verses of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”. ‘

    I would love to hear a mezzo soprano cover this song – I’m looking at you, Lee Hi.

    As a bonus, there is a live showcase with Real Live Vocals. Be still my heart!


        • Dear Yan Zaman, we love you, we love your comments when they are on topic, but we really don’t need to see all the spoilers for another group on a different groups review page. We can all go to other sites for the spoilers. Or at least keep it to a minimum with links only (not thumbnails) and not several a day, every day.
          Thanks – Mom.

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          • I am very sorry If I had caused any problems, I’ll make sure to stay on Topic again. Sorry if i caused inconvenience to Nick or any other readers In this site.

            Thank you for pointing out and Now I’ll make sure to limit it a bit.
            Thanks – Yan Zaman.


            • Its OK to be excited, the spirit of this blog is all about having a mega-multi-stan place to share excitement. But just =fewer=, with fewer thumbnails. (idk what magic characters makes a clickable link instead of thumbnails. I resort to quotation marks which provides the link but is unclickable.)

              Also, mho, the teasers sometimes contain snippets of the actual music, and sometimes they are just other intro music that has nothing to do with the forthcoming single, just sets a mood. So teasers can be often misleading.

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