Song Review: Dreamcatcher – Odd Eye

Dreamcatcher have returned with the final installment of their Dystopia trilogy. This series kicked off with panache last year as title track Scream twisted their usual rock sound into something more theatrical. In contrast, new single Odd Eye is pretty much what you’d expect to hear from Dreamcatcher’s music – composed by their usual collaborators Leez and Ollounder. It’s solid as a rock, though I long for more musical evolution.

This is probably counter to what many hardcore Dreamcatcher fans would say, but I would love to hear the group pull their sound in an unexpected direction. Some songs on the new album flirt with techno, including the excellent instrumental intro that precedes Odd Eye. Leez and Ollounder have dabbled in these textures for years now, but I’m waiting for them to really go for it on a title track or – better yet – across an entire album. Instead, Odd Eye is another strong rock-driven track in Dreamcatcher’s imposing arsenal. In short, the girls continue to do what they do best.

Odd Eye opens with an atmospheric verse before the guitars come in for the chorus. The pre-chorus has a breathless build, as a steady kick drives us into the bombastic centerpiece. The guitar here is sinister and gritty, even if it’s dulled a bit by trap percussion. The melody echoes the lurching nature of the instrumental, and opens up for a satisfying climax at the end of each chorus. I could do without the second verse rap break, but by and large Odd Eye maintains its energy and momentum throughout. It’s another great Dreamcatcher single, but there are more interesting tracks to be found on the album.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

28 thoughts on “Song Review: Dreamcatcher – Odd Eye

  1. Easy 9 for me. There’s just something about their formula that never gets old. Also that 2-part hook ahhhhhhh. It really met my high expectations which is rare but something Dreamcatcher have repeatedly done. Easy 9.

    Though I do think the rapping took a fall compared to BOCA and also am I the only one who thinks the falsetto hook is similar to Inceptions falsetto hook?

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  2. Rock on, Dreamcatcher! In true rock star fashion, the chorus is set at 11. Seriously, it is really loud in the chorus, the volume, compared to the verses.

    Nicely sung through melody, thank you Dreamcatcher for singing your hearts out. The song reminds me of Piri, which is to say that it is a fine addition to their sound and their growing catalog of songs. Is it too much like Piri take 2, rather than Scream part deux? I would have rather heard Scream part deux the evolution too. Pfft, whatev, it still rocks.

    I listened to a line distribution video to confirm what my eyes were seeing and ears were hearing – that it isn’t the Siyeon show, which strengthens the song immensely. The line distrib video was set at about +10bpm, which made this song more perfect, more impulsive. Like jpop which is often set faster than is advisable, but that makes it that much more exciting.

    I am going to pretend that half verse of rap that starts the 2nd verse doesn’t exist. (Who has the clipping software here, does it make it better?)

    B-side Poison Love is quite good, on par with “Silent night”.

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  3. Dreamcatcher keep delivering good quality in their rock-corner of the kpop world. I like that they have found their style and stuck with it and varied on it. You can feel moments of techno seeping through a little bit, giving this song unique identity- but then rock takes over again in the chorus. A really bombastic, big, loud, stomping chorus. Nice!

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  4. I’m not really a fan of Dreamcatcher’s “heavy-metal” sound and Dami’s rap (almost always) grates me :/. That being said, the song’s fine. Not as good as Scream (by far the best DC song imo), but it is a treat for the ears after hearing that atrocious Bobby’s song the other day. Low 8’s for me.

    Anyways, Miss JiU looks absolutely gorgeous here. Hhh I really need to revise my kpop female bias list.

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  5. I thought that the verses were generic boy group fare for my first 3 listens! Your review is very surprising, I’ll keep your points in mind when relistening another time then! on the topic of verses, Handong’s return! her voice has been missed.

    Myma says it the best though, Dreamcatcher’s chorus is loud & well-sung, and I want to add that it’s also really cathartic, though perhaps not as much as “Please I Don’t Want To Scream (intense breakdown)”

    regardless, i’m excited for their live performances! Dreamcatcher deliver on their live stages and this comeback promises the same

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    • update: the verses now sound like well-performed Generic boy group lines, albeit with sick instrumentals. the chorus has only improved with more listens. the rap break is still unwelcomed.

      hopefully the live stages will sell the song as a whole!

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        • darn, that’s a shame. perhaps their concerts then!

          the verses FINALLY clicked for me, i see what Nick means by atmospheric and build now! the descending refrain in the prechorus still sounds shoe-horned in, but Siyeon’s part after is gold

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  6. Ah how I love this so much. They *are* my bias group, but they have to earn my love with their new music and they do it every single time. I absolutely understand you prefering their more daring fare, like Scream, and figured this would be your assessment of the track. 😀 At the same time, I think this is my favorite chorus of theirs in a title track in a long time, at least since Deja Vu. It helps that the second verse and prechorus are absolutely breathtaking as well, for me!

    Anyway, Wind Blows buried treasure, amirite? 😀

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  7. I thought the song rocks!
    The prechorus is a little techno-y? It go more so and carry that through into the chorus.
    That said I love those kinda sassy guitar licks and the girls are on fire.

    Great to see all 7 members promoting together again!
    Definitely enjoyable. It’s all so so good, but I agree that a little more switch up would send it over the edge.

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  8. Another classic Dreamcatcher song. I really like the gritty instrumental. Though the rap breakdown was forgettable, the instrumental at that part was really fine. And I feel like some parts of the song sounded like ATEEZ’s

    Also, quite random question: Why wasn’t Younha’s Winter Flower reviewed last year? I know it’s been a long time but I couldn’t help but wonder if it slipped under your radar? It’s a great song though.

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  9. Despite rock songs fitting my taste so much. I often find Dreamcatcher’s title tracks to be hit or miss. (MUCH MUCH more hits than misses though)

    This one, hit, as in the song hits the roof. I was almost gonna pass this as a normal good title track, but then the chorus comes and WOW.
    Rock elements are so versatile and if used well, they will sound excellent, like this song 🙂

    If possible I’d give 11 for the hooks and production.

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  10. Dreamcatcher are the most dependable group in the industry right now. I guess it’s because they are so far outside of any trend that it would be impossible for them to conform and as they’ve built their careers and loyal fan base on this sound it doesn’t make sense to stray too much from their core just for a passing chance at five seconds in the spotlight. And that’s what I love about them. Every other group I listen to there’s always a moment of worry as whether their music will stray from what made me love them in the first place but never Dreamcatcher.
    Even their album tracks are predictable- there has to be an edm song, a song with heavier rock than the title track,a basic pop song with a Dreamcatcher twist or a ballad. And that’s one of the many, many things I like about them. It’s never boring or repetitive but still incredibly cohesive. There’s stability in that(and god knows we all need some stability)
    Odd eye is a fucking bop and A solid 9 for me. Dreamcatcher never Miss. I’m really happy about Handong’s return to the group-I adore her deeper voice especially in contrast to JiU and Yoohyeon’s higher voices. I will say Dami’s rapping throughout the album has been a bit disappointing but I give it to her pace. She’s very slow and I wish they’d give her faster raps so it doesn’t kill the momentum of the song. Though the instrumental of her rap section in Odd Eye is actually very fun and futuristic(I think that bubbly trap was also used in Rose Blue if I’m not mistaken).

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  11. <<<incredibly biased hardcore Dreamcatcher fan. It's a 9 from me. I do understand why you would want them to change their sound in more inventive ways, but like other people said, the reliability of Dreamcatcher's music is one of the things I appreciate most about them as a fan. I never have to listen to comeback teasers and worry that they're going to go do trap or mainstream girl crush/aegyo beats.

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  12. So I’m not the only one who found Dami’s rap here off-putting compared to Scream and BOCA. But as a trilogy, 3 solid title tracks that I’ll happily give 9s to. On the note of buried treasure… I’m surprised no one has mentioned 4 Memory! Been absolutely bopping to it – the chorus reminds me of Zico’s Any Song.

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  13. I agree with Nick here. I personally found myself more excited about the song Poison Love on the album. It’s catchier too. Dreamcatcher have always had solid singles that have solidified their identity, and seem to explore more on their b sides. We’re around four years in, I’d like to see a shift like Apink had. theirs seemed to start with luv and now is cemented with their latest singles. I’ll still be here for the music, but I never listen to dreamcatcher’s title tracks as I do their b sides and I think that’s a sign that I’m a little with their output.


  14. I really like the song. Good energy and punch. Way stronger than BOCA for me. With that said, I think the chorus reminds me of NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna Be Me”.


  15. I think this song was really good, although scream remains dreamcatcher’s best. 8.5 for me.

    Recently an all-girl rock band called rolling quartz debuted with a single named “blaze”, which i was wondering would be reviewed. They’ve also done BTS and Lady Gaga covers.


  16. I’m really of two minds with the song– the first time I heard it I thought “well that was kind of nothing,” the second time I was like, “Oooh what song is this?” haha. I think it lacks the immediate staying power of some of their other work but I’m sure it’ll grow on me all the same. BOCA was also a grower for me.

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  17. It has occurred to me, here now a few weeks on, that the first line of the chorus of “Odd Eye” is just about the same first line of the chorus of Super Junior-M “Breakdown”. I think it is a coincidence not copying, but now that I hear it, I can’t unhear it.



    • Nah, neither melody nor lyrics are similar. They have lyrics available online and you can literally play them side by side to hear them being dissimilar. You are keying on the 2 words 1 syllable title. After your post, it was easy to not pay attention to reality because of your statement. After looking listening and reading, not close despite the slight bias to your view on them.


      • I have no idea about the Mandarin lyrics, because I never looked them up, but for the melody they are essentially the same for that first line of the chorus but in different keys.

        Odd Eye at 0:58 = F# G# A G# F# E C# F#
        Breakdown at 0:34 = E F# G F# E D G E
        Tonic, up a whole note, up a half, down a half, down a whole, (down / up), end on the tonic

        The only difference is that one note where “Odd” goes down and “Break” goes up, which is a harmonic of the same chord in the progression so a vocalist can easily switch it to go up on “Odd” or down on “Break” to add that vocal harmony or add some variety.


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