GOLDEN CHILD YES.: In-Depth Album Review – Cool Cool

As usual, Golden Child gets the “bias group advantage” on this site. This means not only their title track and a buried treasure will be reviewed, but I’ll be taking a look at the entire new mini album YES.

1. YES. // 2. Burn It // 3. Cool Cool // 4. Round N Round // 5. Milky Way // 6. Breathe


One thing I’ve always appreciated about Golden Child is that — even when challenging a darker concept — their albums always include at least one upbeat, funk-infused track to please those of us who love that version of their sound. YES has several songs that could fit this bill, but the one that most embraces the group’s brighter side is probably Cool Cool.

Cool Cool is composed by the MosPick team, who have previously written title tracks DamDaDi, Let Me and Pump It Up. In comparison to those songs, Cool is a slinkier, funkier offering. I don’t think it’s quite title track material, but it’s certainly a good choice to promote alongside the more bombastic Burn It.

Cool Cool catches Golden Child embracing their inner Seventeen – a group they’ve always admired. They pull this sound off with flair, bringing personality and polish to the track. Much of the instrumental grooves along an addictive bassline, except for when the post-chorus explodes with electronic flourishes. This is a remarkably consistent track, from the propulsive second verse to the echoing chorus. Rather than build to a big centerpiece, the guys riff on Cool Cool’s sticky hook in different ways, including a particularly effective high note toward the climax. It all adds up to create an infectious head-nodder, kicking off a series of very strong b-sides.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75



16 thoughts on “GOLDEN CHILD YES.: In-Depth Album Review – Cool Cool

  1. I’d rate Cool Cool a 9! It’s so amazing and so effortless in its groove!

    Also, everyday in this album review, I will say “BREATHE FOR FOLLOW UP”! because that song screams Title track!

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  2. Here I am to gush about my favourite song on the album (besides Breathe)! It is so satisfying to read your review and see my exact feelings expressed into words.

    ‘..the song that most embraces the group’s brighter side is probably Cool Cool.’ No surprise then that I absolutely love it. Easy 9+ for me.

    I also noticed the Seventeen -esque style of this song, from the layered vocals to the flow and tone of the rap (Donghyun’s part reminds me so much of The8!) to the layered ‘yayayaya’. Now, a daring statement.. I think this is >even< better than the Seventeen songs it reminds us of.

    It is immensely solid throughout and although there is not a ton happening melodically, it has enough variety to keep it interesting. If a song gets me out of my seat or makes me sing along, that's it, I'm sold. This track does both, effortlessly.

    No, this is not title track material – it lacks range, melody, a big moment. It is very much a b-side, but it's the most perfect b-side I've heard in years.

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  3. Oh I love the chorus and the post chorus. Those horns that sound after the chorus are my favorite! It adds texture and change to keep the momentum going after the main chorus.

    The bells that sound throughout the song are also a nice touch.

    I think the sound effects and instrumentation are my favorite part of the song, along with the catchy chorus.

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  4. Here waiting for “Breathe” my favorite song. Is it possible that you advance it? hehehee ok no.
    I love “Breathe” especially the last part with the voices of Donghyun, Joochan and the heavenly ending of Jibeom.


  5. Out of all the side tracks in the album, this one caught my attention the most. Is it because Mospick’s the one who produced it? Or is it because it sounds so good and catchy? You never know…

    Anyway, I like how the song never faltered as it progresses; rather it kept building up, and those tension was released as the final chorus arrived. The instrumental was great, especially those wind instruments (I’m not knowledgeable at that field, so I don’t know the name of it) that can be heard in the post chorus. I think that element strengthened the song’s charm.

    What really made me love this track was the vocals. All of their voices were used very well, creating a perfect blend pleasing to the ears. Y’s vocals was really strong on this one!

    Overall, it’s a solid track; although the song’s strength makes it harder to imagine it being a title track. Nevertheless, I want to see this one being promoted alongside Burn It.

    Rating would be a 9.

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  7. So I listened to Burn It and liked it a lot (the MV is also such a piece of art!) but haven’t checked out the album yet. This review and its references to SVT got me interested (I’m shamelessly biased) and I have to say thank you so much for pointing this out because oh boy I absolutely love this song. I’ve clearly been missing out on more Golcha music (I’ve only heard their title tracks) and I’m pleased to be introduced to them via this album and particularly Cool Cool. I don’t know how to describe what really grips me about this because I’m not very musically inclined lol, but that chorus is so strong. Also, just checked out their choreography for the live stage (for both Burn It and Cool Cool) at their showcase and damn, they’re so good!

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      • I’m a little late to this but just want to give an update – over the last two days I’ve been diving deeper into Golden Child and come to love them. Particularly their earlier work gives me those fresh vibes that I’ve always been partial to – I’ve heard Genie before but I question why I allowed myself to forget about it until I re-listened to it recently, for example, because it’s quickly become an all-time favourite. I’m very glad I finally came across them and have been able to expand my playlist in the process!

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    • As someone who was/is a huge fan of Seventeen, I second Nick’s recommendation ^^ Cool Cool is probably their most Seventeenish song yet, but their music always reminded me of Seventeen’s style – it’s why I came to love them. Similar ‘vibes’ I guess!


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