Song Review: Soyou x IZ*ONE – ZERO:ATTITUDE (ft. pH-1)

Starship Entertainment’s collaboration with Pepsi continues to bear unexpected collaborations. This time, it’s ex-Sistar member Soyou and Produce 48 girl group IZ*ONE (with rapper pH-1 thrown in for good measure). With ZERO:ATTITUDE, they’re given the kind of frothy dance pop befitting a soft drink advertisement. The track is pleasant fun, buoyed by production by popular team Galactika.

As you might expect from that producer credit, ZERO:ATTITUDE sounds a little like ITZY thrown into the IZ*ONE/WJSN blender. The song is emblematic of this era of K-pop girl groups, vacillating between catchy hooks and aimless sing-talk breakdowns. The instrumental is boisterous and bold, though it doesn’t boast its own unique character. Instead, Galactika pull from familiar sounds, forging a solid – but unspectacular – whole. At the very least, the track has a lot of moxy. The energy rarely flags, giving the artists plenty to play with.

However, ZERO:ATTITUDE lacks a clear through-line. The track swerves this way and that, diving into one boisterous segment after another. There just isn’t a strong hook to tie it all together. The chorus is fine, but not particularly memorable. The chanted post-chorus feels more representative of the track, though too many repetitions would cause it to quickly wear out its welcome. As a fan of maximalist pop, I rarely wish for songs to pull back, but I think ZERO:ATTITUDE might have improved by removing one or two of its many elements. By trying to do so much, its overall impact becomes oddly muted.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

14 thoughts on “Song Review: Soyou x IZ*ONE – ZERO:ATTITUDE (ft. pH-1)

  1. I love it as a CF song to be honest. This does a great job at making catchy phrases that stuck into listeners. “attitude zero is new attitude a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e” would’ve sounded silly in actual releases, but for commercials they’re excellent.

    Also, I’m sorry but may I (shamelessly) link my review blog here. I was inspired by you so I came up with my own site. The reviews will have a much more casual approach to it though (and a lot of fanboying) because I don’t know enough musical terms and stuff.

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  2. you all know what I am about to say….so Nick, I heard Beautiful Beautiful is gonna be funky house genre, so can you please give me the link where you found the description!

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  3. Boilerplate marketing song with the impressive visuals of IZ*ONE; I get it. But.. it just me or were there some really creepy vibes dotted through this video. I mean, I get the girls were suppose to appear happy that they were enjoying a refreshing beverage, but some of their expressions seemed like a cross between insane horror movie villain meets maudlin orgasmic squee.

    I don’t know.. ..I’m beginning to feel more and more out of touch. #FOMO4REALZ


  4. Once again… I feel that if I were managing them, I wouldn’t want them to be focusing so heavily on CF work before their disbandment. Anyway, it’s funny that you reviewed this at all given that it’s an ad through and through but it is… an interesting ad.

    PH1 dude took me out of it completely though. Who is this guy and who thought it was a good idea to throw him in the mix? I guarantee you anybody who clicks this video is not interesting in looking at him…


    • CF brings money so why would the management pass on this opportunity? CF songs aren’t necessarily bad just because they’re for an ad.

      Just because you’re personally not familiar with an artist doesn’t mean everyone else don’t?! you wouldn’t like it if someone said that about an artist you like now would you?


  5. I wish they had a different rapper on this track. pH-1’s high tone jsut doesn’t do it for me here. I’m curious how long I’ll actually care about this song; the chorus is catchy swell as the hook afterwards, but I can’t remember the verses at all. The song was better than I expected though.

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