2021 LEGENDARY SONGS Inauguration Ceremony

Over the years, perfectly-scored, 10/10 songs have developed a sort of mythical status on The Bias List. I didn’t intend for this to be the case, but my hesitance to give full marks on release day has resulted in the concept of a “legendary song.”

Last year, I inaugurated a handful of songs into this illustrious category, and I intend to revisit this hallowed ceremony each year. After all, some songs take ages to reveal their perfection!

2020 did not offer many legends – at least in my opinion. It was an odd year that paved the way for a much stronger 2021. So, in addition to my 2020 picks, I’m including a few songs from past years that have finally clawed their way to the top. 2021 releases will not be included until next year. J-pop releases prior to 2020 are not included either since I rarely wrote about them before last year. They may get their own post sometime in the future.

For now, let’s celebrate these amazing songs, and hope that more are soon on their way!


Lucy – Flare

Year-end write-up
(No original review)

Sexy Zone – Run

Original Review
Rating change: 10 –> 10 (no change)

Taemin – Criminal

Original Review
Rating change: 9.25 –> 10


NCT 127 – Highway To Heaven

Original Review
Rating change: 9 –> 10

TXT – Run Away

Original Review
Rating change: 9.25 –> 10


No additional choices.


Taeyeon – Time Lapse

Original Review
Rating change: 9 –> 10


Snuper – It’s Raining

Original Review
Rating change: 9.25 –> 10


19 thoughts on “2021 LEGENDARY SONGS Inauguration Ceremony

  1. How’s your love for Miroh going though? I hope it has clawed its way into the top 20 all-time faves of yours haha. It is STILL going strong for me despite listening to it on repeat for 2 years… IDK what’s wrong with me.

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    • Still going strong, though I’ll confess that I haven’t listened to it in months. But, that’s not all that unusual for me, even when it comes to my favorite songs.

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  2. I didn’t share anything about My Legendary Song Inauguration last year, so I’ll share now.
    Title Tracks:
    Taemin – Criminal
    Golden Child – One
    2 Tracks in total.

    Title Tracks:
    Stray Kids – Miroh
    ONF – We Must Love
    ATEEZ – Wave
    A.C.E – Undercover
    4 Tracks in total.

    Title Tracks:
    ONF – Complete
    Golden Child – Genie
    SHINee – Good Evening
    Sunmi – Siren

    Infinite – Wind
    5 Tracks in total.

    Title Tracks:
    Snuper – The Star of Stars and Back: Hug
    Seventeen – Don’t Wanna Cry
    Red Velvet – Red Flavour
    GFriend – Fingertip
    5 Tracks in total.

    Title Tracks:
    Seventeen – Very Nice
    BTS – Fire and Blood, Sweat and Tears
    GFriend – Rough and Navillera
    Astro – Hide and Seek

    Taemin – Sexuality and Guess Who?
    8 Tracks in total.

    Yep! that’s my list! I really love all of these songs!

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  3. Not surprised at all by the songs here. You have often professed your love for them. Honestly, though, I find Criminal ‘great’, nothing more. Love some of the songs here a whole lot.

    The biggest surprise miss for me is UP10TION’s Tonight, which I was sure would make it. Sunmi’s Siren was another failed guess.

    Wondering which songs barely missed out of this list.

    And finally, wondering about the J-Pop legendary songs list. Definitely going to see some Nissy, Daichi Mirua, Flowback, SHINee, and more. Hopefully, AAA’s Deja Vu can sneak in too.

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  4. Nick, I have a few questions!
    Which songs are currently in the point of breaking in your list?
    Where is Blood Sweat and Tears and Tonight? Thought they would be here.
    This is regarding the last year’s inauguration ceremony and I don’t want to annoy you but….It says that ONF’s Complete and ATEEZ’s Wonderland both gained 9.25 when the former had 9.5 and the latter had 9, is there any reason for this?

    Thanks a lot for making this!


  5. I like everything else on this list but Highway to Heaven has always bothered me :,,( It feels like a rip off or just a combination of western songs like Charli xcx’s “Doing it”
    Its not close enough to be an official issue but to me its not original or interesting either…
    I loved Crown so much more than Run Away, but its such a random song? Im here for it
    I feel like Beautiful Beautiful is already legendary


  6. Although I only started listening to Kpop in 2019, I might as well list my 10/10’s too.


    Title Tracks:
    – SF9 ‘Summer Breeze’ [10 -> 10]
    – Ateez ‘Inception’ [9.5 -> 10]

    – K/DA ‘I’ll Show You’ [9.5 -> 10]
    – Dreamcatcher ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind’ [10 -> 10]
    – Stray Kids ‘Phobia’ [9.5 -> 10]


    Title Tracks:
    – Stray Kids ‘Miroh’ [10 -> 11]
    – Seventeen ‘Hit’ [10 -> 10]
    – Oneus ‘Valkyrie’ [9 -> 10]

    – Ateez ‘Utopia’ [9.5 -> 10]
    – Dreamcatcher ‘Silent Night’ [9.5 -> 10]

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  7. Personally, I don’t grade songs on a numeric scale. I don’t have a “5 star” rating, a “10”, or anything other than “thumbs up/thumbs down”. That’s it. I either like it or I loathe it. However, there are songs that are staples. These are songs that I will never tire of and enjoy listening to often.

    I play computer games. Some of these games allow you to import your own music. For example, The Sims 4 allows you to populate the in-game radio/stereo system with your own MP3s. You have to use the folder names they established, but you can fill them up with your choice of songs. One folder is titled “Romance” which I filled with “Red Velvet”. “Lullaby” is filled with “LOONA”. “Summer Strut” is “Sistar”. “Winter Holiday” is “WJSN”, “Backyard” is Boy Bands (BigBang, EXO, NCT 127, etc.). Then there’s catch all folders like “SPOP” with TWICE, GWSN, OMG, WJSN, SNH48, etc.. Only songs that I won’t get tired of hearing go in these folders so I guess these are sort of “10”s.

    Another way I “rate” K-pop is by assigning a single song by an artist as their “plateau” release; meaning they may release better, but this is their best thus far. Examples of this would be “Fiestar – You’re Pitiful”, “SPICA – Painkiller”, “WJSN – Secret”, “Stellar – Vibrato”, etc.. These would be “10”s of a sort.

    Another way I consider top songs is the one song that best represents a single category of music. For example, “Taeyeon – Rain” is one of my favorite slow songs by a female soloist; another is “Lee Hi – Rose”. “Red Velvet – One Of These Nights” is one of my favorite girl group slow songs; another is “April – April Story”. There are “Best of the Best” songs in my library for Bubble Gum, EDM, Power Vocals, Girl Crush, Jazzy, Show Tunes, Bombast, Slow Songs, etc., etc..

    I know I have eclectic tastes. I just have to read how songs are received here by others on “The Bias List” to see that. So what I would consider a “10” is probably way off in the woods compared to mass appeal and I’m fine with that. Still, it’s nice to hear other perspectives and I learn from the little nuggets of wisdom that other visitors pepper their posts with; so win/win.

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  8. My personal additions:
    -“Someone like you” Dal Shabet
    -“Sober” Big Bang
    -“All Mine” f(x)
    -“You Better Know” Red Velvet
    -“Fighter” Monsta X
    -“Adreneline” SNSD TTS
    -“Decalcomanie” Mamamoo
    -“Up and down” EXID (i just want them to come back :(((()

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  9. i swear, the next legendary song better be Kara’s Step. you’ve been tantalizing us for a full review for so long i can’t stand it.


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