Ultimate K-pop Summer Song Match-Up: UP10TION vs. Red Velvet

Song Of Summer Match-UpThe Bias List Summer Bracket begins here!

For our first match-up, we’ve got UP10TION’s 2016 track Tonight versus Red Velvet’s 2017 hit Red Flavor.

Though one song was more commercially successful than the other, both drip with summertime sounds and energy. But, one will fall today. The choice is up to all of you. Feel free to advocate, cheerlead, cut deals, etc in the comments section!

The vote is open for twenty-four hours, and the winner will be celebrated in tomorrow’s bracket post.

Candidate One: UP10TION – Tonight

Candidate Two: Red Velvet – Red Flavor

12 thoughts on “Ultimate K-pop Summer Song Match-Up: UP10TION vs. Red Velvet

  1. Tonight is gonna get absolutely bodied but here is my appeal anyway.

    Tonight is my favourite summer song ever, even though UP10TION’s output can be really hit (Going Crazy is so SO good) or miss (Candyland and most songs that have came after it) for me so it’s not any sort of “bias goggles”.

    It’s not anything groundbreaking, but I think that’s one of the reasons it works. The song works by:
    Simply layering the instrumental with well placed brass sounds. Seriously, take a couple of minutes time to appreciate the instrumental on this song, you find just lots of little well placed horn sounds, piano keys, guitar strings, etc.

    No random extreme shifts in tempo, energy or sound. It flows really well.

    The guys themselves performing the hell out of it. The singing is well executed, the 3 separate rappers don’t even feel out of place. The guys could all hate the hell out of this song and I wouldn’t even be able to tell cos they just sell me the happiness and joy with their performance.

    It is sort of a lost art in boy group song making just to have a song that is all about having fun.

    I think that the only other songs that give me the same level of happy boost are Snuper’s Platonic Love and The Star of Stars and I would consider both of those songs the absolute top tier of upbeat boy group songs.

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  2. Okay, Tonight is such a fantastic track!!! More people will vote for Red Flavor but i think Tonight is such an amazing, catchy, happy song and it always puts a smile on my face. The mv completely speaks summer and the boys look so happy and carefree. Its one of my top summer tracks ever!

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  3. Red Flavor is the soundtrack to so many of my memories, but Tonight is so full of layers that I keep listening to it over and over again since I heard it for the first time when the Intro went up!

    I think what decided it for me was that I tend to bring Red Flavor (and the whole album that goes with it!!!) out in the spring, since that’s the most stressful season for me, for emotional support! So I think it’s ended up as a spring song for me!

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  4. As much as I love Tonight (and I really, really do!), Red Flavor wins for me too. I don’t often get the urge to learn a dance to a song, but Red Flavor eventually had me learn both the dance and the rap part. Why? I have no clue, but the song just gives me so much energy.

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  5. Okay, everyone in the comments here is acting as if they have just been to Tonight’s funeral. Let us not forget, most of the voters will be from the TheBiasList community, and it is a lot more of an even match here. I still expect Red Flavor to come out on top, but it to be close.

    Now, my non-existent vote goes to Tonight! I love the lighthearted fun of the song, Sai’s comment basically describes what I want to say, so I’ll leave it at that.

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    • At one point Tonight was at 9% lmao. I think it will end where it is now around 13%. It’s all good cos I expected as much though.


  6. I truly feel for any song that has to go against Red Flavor, lol. Really an uphill battle. I like Tonight and the energy is just so infectious, but my vote just had to go to Red Flavor ultimately. It is obviously upbeat and summery, but I’ve always gotten kind of a…wistful? nostalgic? (not quite sure how to describe the emotion I’m trying to convey haha) vibe from it. Maybe it has something to do with the vocals, which I just love in this one.

    Excited for the rest of the bracket!

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  7. It’s Tonight for me, influenced no doubt by my strong bias against girl groups. Red Velvet will win the poll but not my heart.


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