Song Review: BDC – Moonlight

BDC - MoonlightBDC’s Intersection trilogy may have flown under the radar for many casual fans, but it’s been an exciting, cohesive project with far more focus than most idol group album series. Its spacey synth sound was largely relegated to the guys’ title tracks, and this feels like a missed opportunity. But, the run of Shoot The Moon, Moon Rider and Moonlight is solid as a rock.

For me, March’s Moon Rider remains the pinnacle of this project. However, Moonlight gives it a run for its money. BDC’s producers continue their use of icy synth textures, giving the track a left-of-center appeal. It’s nice to hear different sounds within the K-pop boy group landscape, and Moonlight’s electronic backbone makes an effective compliment to the guy’s light, refreshing vocals. The song sets its scene immediately, opening with a few spacey synth pads that give the track an ephemeral quality. From here, the beat kicks in and Moonlight gains focus and drive.

After a restrained pre-chorus, the song’s full instrumental reveals itself during the chorus. It’s a gorgeous blend of elements, delivering a full-bodied sound with impact and dimension. The melody isn’t groundbreaking, but its surging structure matches the energy supplied by those twinkling synths. And like Moon Rider, Moonlight nails the transition into its second verse. A psychedelic flourish of electronic elements feels like K-pop’s answer to early-80’s E.L.O (a comparison I never thought I’d make!). Then, we land back into that chugging groove as a melodic rap verse pulls us forward. It’s all very satisfying, without the kind of jarring sonic diversions that often upend tracks of this nature.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

14 thoughts on “Song Review: BDC – Moonlight

  1. ELO! Hah! I know them from back when they were in medium MTv rotation. ELP was in heavier rotation though.

    I’ve been waiting for Nick’s midyear risers and fallers, so that I can report on the listening habits of darling daughter who has taken over my ipods like every new teen should. On her frequent play list is BDC “Moon Rider” from March. Yes.

    I like this song a lot. OK, I love it. I must love it, I have listened to it ten times already. Its old fashioned straight ahead pop song with the contemporary city pop – blinding lights style flair washed over it, and a soupcon of old school R&B. Actual melody.
    That chorus – it sounds like it changes key, but I don’t think it does. Instead it voices the same chord higher to lift it up and give oomph. Then the post chorus with the swoosh swoosh swooshes going on, that’s cool.

    I appreciate the styling of the video too, because it looks great for a small company. It’s all cleverly done retro and yet was probably not that expensive using a lot of eye popping stock photo and video, and overlays and color washes of the same over the surface. The actual video part is the three boys in front of a white cyc, only three costumes each all off the rack. Concept wins over high budget. They spent the money on whoever did the editing not on videography – multiple sets- multiple costumes. Whatever Brand New Music is doing wrong with Absix, they are doing right with BDC.

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  2. Ah I get the ELO. But this also reminds me of Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls”

    This is really well done and a delight to the ears.
    I haven’t been following BDC closely, but this makes me more interested. I also was recently thinking about the merits of small lineups and BDC definitely displays the power of a small unit.

    Really wonderful release!

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  3. I knew I was going to be up my alley as soon as I read the ELO comparison! I’m so appreciative that this blog has made me aware of groups that otherwise might have easily flown under my radar. I really, really liked Moon Rider, and I really, really like this one too. I’m definitely going to have to go back and explore more of BDC’s past work now…

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  4. Love this cosmic trinity! Reminds me (in its coherence) of the APink meets Black Eyed Pilseung bop trilogy. I wish more groups aimed for something similar.

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  5. BDC are really giving me everything I need this year. Moon Rider is one of my top 5 tracks of the year and this is a great follow up indeed. I’m glad they are still continuing this synthy space concept.

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  6. Well, this makes me 2 for 2 on guessing how you’ll like today’s releases. 80s synth-heavy midtempo doesn’t usually rock my boat – but I actually liked this! I went back and listened to the other two titles and they still don’t grab me, but that beat plus the snapping plus the twinkly elements is really working for me. Mystery Circle is playing now and I like it even more, so time to dig into some b-sides!

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  7. Heyo I’m late to the party and this is great! So atmospheric and mesmerizing. “Moon Rider” was pretty good but didn’t make my playlist, but “Moonlight” certainly will. I like how this song incorporated few sung/rapped lines but didn’t put in an obligatory rap verse for the sake of checking off a K-pop box.


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