Song Review: Girlkind – Good Vibes Only

Girlkind - Good Vibes OnlyI haven’t written about Girlkind since 2018’s S.O.R.R.Y, though the group has released a couple digital singles since then. They’ve even spawned their own 2019 sub-unit. But, you’d still be forgiven for not knowing who Girlkind are. Their promotions have been limited so far, and the music has been largely forgettable. With Good Vibes Only (이 분위기에 취해), the girls stake their claim to the K-pop summer single.

This sound will never be unwelcome, though it’s not easy to breathe new life into its tropes. Like many groups of their stature, Girlkind are clearly working under a budget. From song to video, they make the most of these resources. Good Vibes Only isn’t anything transformative (or even memorable), but its smooth summer sound goes down easy. The perky percussion inches toward new jack swing territory without ever embracing that genre, while the twinkling synths clearly have retro inspiration.

Good Vibes Only stumbles into K-pop’s dreaded slow-down of a second verse, but it’s not too jarring within the context of the song’s mid-tempo groove. Instead, it’s Vibe’s melody that could use some sharpening. It’s amiable and light all the way through, yet fails to find a killer hook that sticks in your brain. The layered chorus comes close, and the synth riff that follows is even better. But, too much of the track passes by with pleasant, unassuming energy. This makes it ideal for placement on a summertime playlist. However, Good Vibes Only is destined to get lost in the shuffle when compared to this season’s more memorable moments.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

3 thoughts on “Song Review: Girlkind – Good Vibes Only

  1. It’s definitely very a straightforward summer song. Like, definitely lacking an immediate hook though it’s a nice chorus. The second verse transitioned very well to be honest. Probably because even though the beats have changed, the synths keeps the texture relatively light instead of dipping into some rougher sound.

    I do think it could definitely benefit from some kind of melody tweaking but honestly, it’s fine as it is. Reminds me of a different song with somewhat of the same problem… with the same score as I’m remembering.

    Brave Girls’ We Ride is more restrained than Good Vibes Only, but there’s a lot of similarities to be honest actually. Same score, the same retro-ish vibes though different concept, and the same lack of immediate hooks. I’m aware that We Ride grew on you, and honestly this might too.

    These kinds of songs are more growers really, because the hook problem stops becoming a problem after the sixth or seventh listen when the phrasing stops becoming unfamiliar and you can start to recall it, or that even if the song isn’t fully memorable, that the song is still enjoyable to listen even without that killer hook.

    Good Vibes Only is very easy to listen honestly, it’s a nice summer song. It’s synths and great bassline are lovely, and the melodies are fun. Even the vocals are great and varied. And I wasn’t a big fan of Chi Bat Ba Ram anyway so I’ll take this as my summer song of the year. It’s not as energetic, but summer can be easygoing too. I am curious too how your opinion would change if a boy group released this (GolCha specifically), because it has the makings of one.

    I also decided to take a gander at their previous single, which was Psycho4U. I love the vocals of that one, it’s very melancholic. Feels like an Ariana Grande song, even the slow beat. Even the weird bridge honestly works even if it does start losing the beat by the end of that section. I like the frankness of it all. The vibe is even better.

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  2. i have loved Girlkind every since their debuted with “Fanci” and last year’s “Psycho 4 U” in my opinion, was a straight-up bop with great vibes and a very mellow, hypnotic groove, layered over some very impressive vocals and JK’s rap part….they may not have all the resources, financing, production, and support like some of the other groups that have agencies with ‘deep pockets’ backing them, but they are still a very good female kpop girl group that has some very good bops….if i were rich, i would invest in Girlkind’s company to help make them one of the top female kpop girl groups….


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