Song Review: Pixy – Addicted

Pixy - AddictedI often write about the idea of a “signature sound,” and how important it is to rookie groups. Pixy haven’t yet released a song that’s connected with me, but I appreciate how they stick to their concept. When playing one of their tracks, you know you’re going to get something dark, moody and musically combative. Previous singles Wings and Let Me Know are a boisterous pair, and the new Addicted (중독) feels like their not-so-distant cousin – evolving their style without abandoning it. For me, this means another single that won’t be making the playlist. But, I assume the group’s fans will be pleased.

One thing Addicted does especially well is establish a creepy atmosphere. Just in time for Halloween, the track pulses with a spooky blend of synth, resounding percussion and airy backing vocals. It’s a very satisfying vibe, echoing similarly-themed efforts like Dreamcatcher’s Scream. All the ingredients are in the cauldron, ready to mix and congeal into something spectacular.

Here’s where Addicted loses me. I feel like a broken record, complaining again and again about K-pop’s wishy-washy melodies. But like the majority of new material, Addicted is sing talk, sing talk, sing talk. I so badly want to hear one hook that grabs me. Instead, we move from chant to incantation to tortured cry. The chorus comes closest to crafting a killer hook, but the melody is so fractured and repetitive. This compliments the claustrophobia of the instrumental and is probably intentional. Even so, I can’t help but imagine how awesome Addicted might sound with a chorus (or verse!) (or bridge!) that knocks me out with more than just its performance or production.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

21 thoughts on “Song Review: Pixy – Addicted

  1. with this signature sound keeping its consistency, have the other songs grown on you a bit? i think LMK deserves a bit better than 6.5: it kinda slaps haha


  2. As always, PIXY’s performance here is jaw-dropping. The choreography is so powerful, and they have such incredible expressions and charisma for a rookie/nugu group. “Addicted”s music video in particular looks fantastic, all the shots of various objects and textures really build a cool atmosphere and distinct vibe. I have no idea what kinda budget this has, since I’m pretty sure their last album didn’t even sell past 1k copies. If it is a cheap video, I certainly can’t tell. Like with Hot Issue’s “Icons”, the colors are balanced so well, and feels dark/edgy without literally being a dark/unclear video.

    I wish I had the same level of praise for the song. The best thing I can say is that it’s not actively unpleasant to listen to. It’s just kinda… there. I’m extremely excited to watch their round of appearances on music shows once again. That being said, I have absolutely no intention of listening to this without the accompanying performance.

    I might be the odd one out here, but I do tend to prefer that a group have a consistent style, including consistently average music, over a group that can’t seem to find an identity or sound. It can be hard for me to get attached to a kpop group that seems to roll a dice when deciding on the level of quality control for their music (sorry Everglow). I definitely love PIXY’s style, I just think they need a stronger songwriter.

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    • Speaking of more interesting songwriting, there’s a CD-only remix track of their first TT, “Wings” on their last EP. Clearly, someone on the team has an ear for a more unique sound. I suppose it’s just a matter of whether or not the company is brave enough to push it onto a group that is already trying hard to get its feet off the ground. I don’t expect it, but I do think it’s possible.

      The remix itself adds some really cool and varied instrumentation. Orchestral strings, piano, and a guitar. The structure seems essentially unchanged, though I don’t think a huge shift in that department was necessary anyways. The result is something far more grand than anything else they’ve put out, and I enjoyed it a lot.


    • They definite have Style.

      Most of it is from the costumes. They are actually just about fully clothed! Pants, not microminis or hot pants. Long sleeves. Little whippy ribbony things that emphasize movement. When the “change costumes”, it is almost the same cut different color. Compare to aespa’s costumes from yesterday = short shorts fast fashion style with over embellishments.

      Also, the dance is more like kpop boy group moves with more emphasis on a body position and less on the arms and port de bras. That’s the fancy term for waving the arms decoratively.

      Yes, on the color scheme. Dark, but enough pockets of light so it isn’t dark dark. If the background is dark, they use all white costumes. If the costumes are dark they use white background splashed with magenta.

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      • I know right? They definitely have some great stylists. They look incredible in the consistent color schemes. Though even before then, Wings, The Moon and somewhat Let Me Know had this same consistent styling.

        It helps that the stylist is not afraid of colors other than black, especially with as dark a concept that PIXY does. While they get to before in black, they got a variety of colors too In Wings, they got the girls in red, white, purple, grey and blue. In Let Me Know, they got some holographic clothing, along with gold, pink, purple, green and also white. In The Moon, they got these large jackets that were fully incorporated into the choreography, plus it wasn’t all just black, with more muted tones like tan, green with some white, with some more colors probably if they got to perform it more than three times.

        Hell here, they get put in purple, blue, and white in the MV. Not a single black outfit. Stylists TAKE NOTE. I don’t doubt they’ll get black outfits, but I also know they’re give lots of details that make it cohesive but not similar outfits.

        It also really helps the viewing experience that whenever they put any of the girls a shorter skirt or pants, they almost always give them these near knee to leg length boots that cover a lot of skin. They still fall into the pit-trap of having something exposed most of the time, but nothing egregious for this comeback so far.

        The color grading in this video is shockingly great. Not an editor or anything, but the distinct contrasts are great and the colors pop out so well. Even when it goes monochrome with black and red, everything is very visible. Even the shadows of the choreography parts aren’t just black, they get tinted in red and blue.

        Not to mention the lighting really helps sell the contrast. Everything is so well lit! So much of this video is so bright with so much white and so many light sources and but still selling that dark concept so well. Impressive honestly. They really upgraded with this video.

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      • Yeah, I have no idea why stylists for girl groups are allergic to pants. Everglow also wore pants in First, and I thought those outfits all looked great. Aespa’s performance video for Savage had Karina wearing pants with the same idea, straps that emphasize and accentuate the dancing. Sorta like KARA’s “Mister”.


  3. 5 releases today, and you liked none of them. I wish I could argue in the other way, but nothing really stuck with me either. This is certainly one of the better releases, but I feel this one will have to grow on me if it wants to leave the 7s. At least the members provide a strong performance.

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  4. …Don’t call me out like that haha. As always PIXY releases music and I love it.

    I don’t really have anything bad to say about this comeback. It’s legitimately my perfect comeback. Obviously it’s because my ult group released music but the song is completely great to me. Nothing subpar here, no disappointment.

    Bias really makes me primed to like anything PIXY makes, but even when I got to listen to the full song (like some hours before it they made a showcase and I fully intended to listen) nothing really stood out to me as anything bad, in fact I thought a lot of elements were executed really well.

    For one, I think Addicted is somewhat catchy, although I thought both Wings and LMK were catchy so maybe I’m wrong haha. The melody never really struck me as disjointed, though the “I’m addicted” hook definitely deliberately spaces itself out. Also, “non na rul gye sok he so killing” is definitely an earworm that is stuck in my head. It absolutely sounds like “gas gas killing” but that’s just the nature of an English brain.

    The production itself is honestly much better than it was before. I will always love Wings and LMK but they felt flawed. This time, Addicted has a lot of stronger cohesion in a way. Nothing felt like the whiplash of LMK’s chorus or Wings’ chaos (though I do love them) and it brought the song forward. I loved the glitchy sound behind the chorus, with the bits of piano.

    Weird how none of the review mentions a rap, since there are two rap verses in this song. Figured that while it didn’t fit Nick’s tastes, he might’ve at least respected the performances. The rapping sounds incredible, as I expected. All of the vocals too, they all do a great job with this song. I don’t really see the talking aspect, or sing talk feel but maybe my bias is not letting me see it haha.

    I absolutely adore the bridge. It helps that piano is my favorite instrument and it sounds delightfully intense with Sua and Dajeong. They don’t get to have lots of lines, but their tones are really good and different that it’s a pleasure to hear them. Though I suppose the singing wasn’t to your tastes? I dunno, I thought this was a great moment. Plus the last chorus with it being spaced out, then a quick burst of intense piano is so wonderful it works so well. Love the final hits with the drums too.

    I don’t know, I just love it a lot. Not even just the performance (though they certainly elevate the song) the song itself I actually really like. PIXY is just that group for me apparently. Awaiting each stage to watch honestly.

    Sigh… At this point I don’t expect Bewitched to get your attention either. It’s amazing, and so interesting as a song to me. But it’s likely not going to be a feature now that I think about it, and none of their previous b-sides got a mention either (Insomnia is great I can’t believe it!) so clearly PIXY and TBS are not aligned in taste.

    Fair enough, but I really do believe that PIXY came out with their best two songs as their title tracks and that’s not even some kind of backhanded compliment. I thought their previous two were great, but this one and Bewitched even moreso.

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  5. I still get the feeling that this group is Dreamcatcher-lite, with punchier raps.

    The song has a facade of great ambition, with the theming in high polish. As mentioned above, they have Style in spades.

    The song itself tries to be like a great Dreamcatcher song, except the song doesn’t have the same songscaping. The melody isn’t very expansive. The lows here sound low, aren’t. The low is like a Bflat. The prechorus and chorus are D5 G4 D5 C5, and repeat, and repeat again I can’t find enough live live performances to tell, but I think they are decent singers, which is better than some kpop groups, but they don’t have a great belters in the group like the whole Dreamcatcher vocal line who would just sing those notes like their lives depended on it. That alone, belting the shit out of D5 G4 D5 C5, would make it better.

    That said, I don’t think its terrible. Its just not as good as the group they are following.

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    • I think they’ve got good singers just no big belters yet aside from maybe Ella (short haired girl who did high note).

      Although Ella does have a great range since her God is a Woman cover really shows it, but that’s not live so we can’t really know for sure but it sounds very clean. I can’t know for sure the technical talents, but I have noticed her voice can be powerful but not in the same beltiness that other vocalists can, just slightly airy but incredibly clean. Dia (gray hair) is way more airy but can keep up with Ella’s notes, and Sua (blonde) really has a nice tone but I get why she’s a sub vocalist even if I do love her parts when they get there.

      I do think they might be missing some potential in Dajeong (red/purple hair). She gets less and less lines, but she honestly has some nice power behind her voice that could be developed further. I think the only reason might be because she’s still in school and trains less as a result.

      Again, this is from my lack of vocal knowledge, just from what I hear.

      …Also while were at it, I love this grunge note from Sua at 0:52 in their Bewitched song. I can’t really know if she actually can do it since it’s likely not live I think, but it sound great. ‘’


    • Also… I think the reason why the vocals aren’t as ambitious (because I know Ella and Dia could probably do it), is because they actually practice singing live. They did an interview a couple of days ago, and they said they really work hard to be able to perform as well as they do, as well as singing live.

      They already have such difficult choreographies (they’ve said that some of the choreo they get is too hard) so part of me wonders whether the producers restrict the vocals a bit not because of songwriting, but because of the girls.

      It’s so they can manage to sing while doing stuff like backbending. It might even be why the majority of the vocals go to Ella and Dia, since presumably the two can power through with stability unlike Sua and Dajeong who tend to sing at more toned down moments.


  6. I think their voices sound great and I really like their rap line. It’s also nice to see real dancing that is, as someone mentioned, more like that of boy groups. They have charisma. I’m hard to please when it comes to girl groups, which I would love to tell to stop simpering and smiling like they’re advertising sky miles or toothpaste. So Pixy rings all the bells for me.

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  7. The song isn’t quite there for me, but I love the stages so far. I don’t remember their rap line being this strong in their last releases, so good job there as well. We’ll see if the song grows on me – “Wings” did but “Let Me Know” didn’t.

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  8. You got to applaud for a rookie girl group doing this concept in the style of course of dreamcatcher and gidle oh my god especially. The choreo and styling reminded me everglow first and thats a compliment. If a big 4 gg released this they would get a lot of attention

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