Buried Treasure: Mirae – Juice

Mirae - JuiceA K-pop act’s title track isn’t always the best song on their album, even if it’s the one most people will hear. Sometimes, b-sides deserve recognition too. In the singles-oriented world of K-pop, I want to spotlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

Nothing about Mirae’s new album cements or revolutionizes their sound, but it’s another super solid mini from the group. Pretty much every song is great, and title track Marvelous is proving itself quite the charmer as well. It’s one of those albums that makes “generic” work well, and that’s largely due to the strength of the hooks and performances.

Juice would’ve been an odd turn for a Mirae title track, but I think it could make a very fun summer single. It was only a matter of time before the guys would try their hands at a retro synth-dance song, and Juice sounds instantly familiar. In fact, it pairs nicely with AB6IX’s Cherry from last year. It also pairs nicely with Mirae’s strengths. They’ve got a great set of vocal tones and bring tons of character to material that might feel forgettable in other hands.

More importantly, Juice thrives upon a series of addictive melodies. I love how varied the chorus feels. It moves from a rhythmic approach to a series of exclamatory notes that give it plenty of punch. The underlying synth is bright and uplifting, nudged along by a generous dose of rhythm guitar. I picture a fun music video set in a roller rink, which would be a good opportunity to showcase Mirae’s naturally goofy personalities. They clearly have the ability to tackle a variety of genres. I wonder if DSP will let them branch out in the future?

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

6 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: Mirae – Juice

  1. This does belong on a roller rink! It really is ebullient and has got them hooks.

    On a side note, I came across this song KOM’s Adrenaline on a random yt recommendation. It really sounds like a low-budget Taemin single borrowing that throb from Move, that really makes me wonder what a bigger agency might have done with it as it really has potential.

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