Song Review: VERIVERY – ‘O’

VERIVERY - 'O'After debuting with a steady (and fun!) sound, VERIVERY’s music became more hit and miss. Fortunately, their last single Trigger was a big hit for me. Alongside an all-killer, no-filler mini album, their edgy electro reinvention had me ready to board the VERIVERY train once more. New single ‘O’ marks another sonic shift, but its slow-burn r&b makes a surprisingly strong match for the group.

VERIVERY are becoming chameleon-like in their embrace of various genres. They’re at their best when fully committed to a sound, and they perform ‘O’ very well. Their vocals haven’t always been put front and center in previous title tracks, and I appreciate their added prominence here. ‘O’ opens with searing guitar before settling into a midtempo groove. The production is quite atmosphere. It’s not trying to do too much, but its core ingredients are compelling enough to maintain interest.

If anything, I wish ‘O’’s chorus was a little more dynamic. It’s catchy and compliments the beat, but an extra shot of melodic firepower could have sent this into the stratosphere. Instead, the track is content to rest on its vibe. Interestingly, ‘O’ makes no room for a rap verse. There are moments in the verses that come close, but they weave through the melody in a way that feels complimentary. Rap is a vital part of the K-pop sound, but I appreciate how ‘O’ never crams in disparate elements to fill some imagined quota. This focus results in a very smooth track. Sometimes simple is best!

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


15 thoughts on “Song Review: VERIVERY – ‘O’

  1. Wow, they sure have changed since last I listened to them (which was.. probably several comebacks ago).

    That said, change does not equal bad. This sounds pretty good!
    The beat is nice, a good groove. I love the guitar.

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  2. I’m heavily biased for these boys, ngl 💀I was not expecting such a slow song from them really. Both their cbs last year were in my top 10 and I wondered if this would steer into ballad territory. I liked this a lot more than I expected though! It grooves along well and I agree with the point of how the vocals were the centerpiece and the way the rap-like parts did not swerve too far either. There definitely was none of those mandatory “breakdown” moments which made this a really pleasant listen!

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  3. Not as good as anything on their previous EP, but at least it is not ‘Get Away’ level boring.

    Btw Nick, I know you tweeted on it, but anything on the America Song Contest that you actually enjoy? Only Keyonne Starr’s Fire is decent in my opinion.


  4. I think I know what you mean about the chorus missing something, personally I would have liked some kind of heavy distorted guitar. This sounds like a typical b-side so I’m glad they made it the title track. It’s the first Verivery song that’s stood out to me!


  5. I love r&b and this was so smooth and sleek and reminiscent of other group bsides. Perhaps a more distorted instrumental when the chorus dropped might have helped as someone said above.


  6. I just got around to listening to this one a few hours ago, and I’m really enjoying it! I especially like the opening lyrics; I think they use rain as imagery in a really evocative way: “I woke up in the rain // cold raindrops seeping into my delicate heart”. It reminds me of Voila & Hey Violet’s “Imaginary Friends” from this month– sometimes awkwardly heavy-handed in the way they express emotion, but overall pleasant and cathartic, and both have become playlist staples for me in a really short time!


  7. I’m listening to this right after playing through SURAN’s “FLYIN’, Pt. 1” EP a couple of times and the sound is surprisingly similar given the theoretically different genres of the artists. SURAN’s EP actually has that hint of bite I wish “O” had, but “O” is fine.

    “Our Song” is also fine, maybe slightly more than fine? Nice? High three stars? I stuck it on my chill playlist and am sure I’ll be doing the “who is this again? huh?” the next few times it pops up.


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