Song Review: BDC – Blue Sky

BDC - Blue SkyBDC continue to be a mystery. They’re not listed as a temporary project group, but their treatment thus far has suggested a quickly approaching expiration date. Despite releasing the super-solid Intersection trilogy of mini albums, Brand New Music has never attempted to push them as a big, ongoing group in the same way as AB6IX and, more recently, YOUNITE. BDC’s newest release — a ballad album — further cements this worry. Idol ballads don’t automatically portend hiatus, but they’re not the kind of release an agency funds to grow a group’s fan base.

Blue Sky is a stark piano ballad, putting all its focus on the guys’ vocals and a sentimental melody line. It’s a lovely track, but feels like the final song on an album filled with bangers – the kind of thing a group might whip out a capella during a stop at Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook. It does a nice job showcasing this trio’s skills, even if the song never builds toward one or two knockout moments in the way many great OST ballads do.

In the end, tracks like Blue Sky are difficult for me to review. I just don’t listen to this style of ballad unless it’s part of a great album or has some special element that pulls me in. I can’t fault Blue Sky. It does what it says on the tin. I’m a fan of the melody and really enjoy the symphonic elements that emerge mid-way through. But, I’m much more likely to go back to Moon Rider for the umpteenth time than close my eyes and let Blue Sky’s sentiment wash over me.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

10 thoughts on “Song Review: BDC – Blue Sky

  1. Sounds like a typical k-drama OST. I know that ballads like this tend to be comforting and sound beautiful, but there ain’t much here to grab me onto. Also, the song feels like BDC will disband really soon.
    Flat 7 for me.


  2. The full album is out soon. I think it’s gorgeous and soothing, but if it’s not a goodbye, I’ll be very surprised. Very surprised. Solid 8 for me, but I love a good ballad.


  3. It sounds like a minor BTS soft style song, sans heavy vocal effects, sans sotto voce rap which would have been squashed in as the second verse RM leading with a low yo.
    Song would have been called something like “Periphery” or “Exigency”.


  4. K drama OST.

    The one that plays during the heartbreak arc and the leads are reminded of each other whenever they see random stuff like donuts or a street sign.

    I would take the Moon series anyday as well.

    It almost feels like this was an OST converted into a comeback. Even the name ‘Blue Sky’ is so drama-esque lol.


    • Unsurprisingly, it’s most of the same things that make any song great for me:

      1. Standout melody
      2. Dynamic arrangement (both vocals and instrumental)
      3. Personality-rich performance
      4. Satisfying climax

      And personally, I like my ballads to either be very stark and affecting or super bombastic.

      Some favorites for reference:

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  5. Nick have you seen rina’s this hell music video

    I can’t stop listening to this song it’s so over-top yet so good?!
    Really excited for her new album to come out!!!


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