Song Review: Dawn – Stupid Cool

Dawn - Stupid CoolDawn’s verses in old Pentagon songs were always interesting and quirky. So far, his solo career has felt like an expanded version of those verses, zigging this way and that but always anchored by his colorful personality. He has a way of making the most ridiculous ideas work because you get the sense that he fully believes in them. To me, this is a sign of a great pop star. But, another sign of a great pop star is a great pop song. In this regard, Dawn’s small discography has been mixed.

For me, new single Stupid Cool falls on the lower half of that spectrum. Its teasers suggested a punchy, punky summer track. Those moments show up in fits and starts, but are ultimately undermined by less exciting ideas. I’m not a fan of the subdued tempo and languid delivery of the verses. The groove just isn’t there. Rock guitar makes for a stronger pre-chorus that begins to take the track in a more exciting direction. Sadly, we move toward a dull beat drop instead.

Stupid Cool’s centerpiece sounds like strangled brass. It reminds me of kids playing recorders for music class. In other words, it’s not a sound I would ever seek out, and I certainly don’t want it taking a central position in a pop hip-hop track. Dawn never offers a memorable counter-melody, making the arrangement feel pretty threadbare. His effortless charisma buoys the track, but it can only do so much. Stupid Cool is at its best when its instrumental embraces the punky nature of his performance.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25


6 thoughts on “Song Review: Dawn – Stupid Cool

  1. DAMMIT!!!🤬🤬🤬
    This underwhelming beat drop in the chorus again…
    Overall, I hate this song. A lot. Except for the pre-chorus. It sounds like a younger brother of Treasure’s awful Jikjin, and exactly follows its structure. What’s worse, the concept is way too cute for me which means it becomes cloying very quickly.
    I think I’ll give this a 6.25 (5,7,7,6).

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  2. I think there might be a good song buried in there, but the instrumental is all wrong. It sounds like the demo version, before the adult in the room comes in to properly produce it. Polish it up to something nice. As is, it has too many metaphorically bells and whistles, trying to be a contemporary spartan experimental construction and its just not working for the song.
    Also, the posturing is not for me. He is strutting about like he is a GDragon without nearly the charisma or fan base.

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  3. I like messes, but this is too messy for me. Very scattered and not in a good way. Also, that skronky horn loop could be used brilliantly somewhere else, but not here.

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  4. UUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is it with idol’s and beatdrop choruses with no lyrics? The rock guitar in the prechorus got my hopes up only for me to be utterly disgusted by that obnoxious sounding brass. The final chorus wasn’t even that climactic either. It could’ve salvaged that song but it just left me wanting three minutes of my life back.

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    • What the fuck, I love it!! He’s so fucking talented. Just shut up and stop spreading hate. It’s art you guys DO NOT understand.


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