Song Review: Jun (Seventeen) – Limbo

Jun (Seventeen) - LimboFor a group with so many members, Seventeen have done a nice job getting their individual voices into the spotlight. Many of the guys have already made solo debuts, though few of these have been paired with the relentless promo typically tied to K-pop comebacks. The seemingly free-spirited nature of these releases makes them feel more like tracks on a mixtape – a way to stretch and deepen the group’s sound without consuming too many resources.

I first became interested in Jun’s voice years ago when he participated in the 2018 Chinese collaboration series Chao Yin Zhan Ji. If you can track down the subtitled version of this show, I highly recommend it. It’s also where I fell in love with Wu Jiacheng’s vocals and overall stage presence. Jun has a higher-pitched tone than most idol singers and this unique feature can be wielded in very compelling ways. There’s not much of it to be found on his solo single Limbo, but the track leaves plenty of room to strut his stuff as a performer.

Yep, this is definitely a performance piece. That’s to be expected, and Limbo does a nice job moving from its moody verses to the distorted drama of its chorus. The song is at its best when it goes for the jugular. Adding rock guitar was a smart choice and gives Limbo the kind of memorable centerpiece it needs. The melody is less effective, but that’s clearly not its main focus. Instead, we get a cool series of spoken-word asides and a demonic segue into Limbo’s fire-and-brimstone hook. I’m not sure how often I’ll return to the track without its accompanying visuals, but it’s another reminder of the deep bench of talent that makes up Seventeen.

Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


11 thoughts on “Song Review: Jun (Seventeen) – Limbo

  1. This popped out of nowhere. I like this a lot. The underlying guitars sound so nice. The chorus is my favourite part of this song. One think that I don’t like is the narration at the start of the song. This is the same with a few CIX songs. The song doesn’t need the narration

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  2. Alrighty, this is leading man material. I am sure the fan girls and boys will be quite satisfied with this.

    The song could use more tension, more real tension from the melody and chromatic progression. The apparent tension is all from heavy lifting of that electric guitar and also volume, because louder must be better and more important. Strip those two devices away, and the chorus is a repeating high note, which doesn’t do much for me.

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  3. Yes, there ain’t much song thrown over the top of this, but instead it is a great performance piece helping Jun to highlight his performing skills. Overall, nice, but I don’t think I’ll return to it that often. Rating is just about right.

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  4. I’m heavily biased because Jun is my bias in SVT, but I think this is the perfect vehicle for his talents as opposed to soft ballads like Silent Boarding Gate or his Chinese covers. I also really enjoyed watching him on CYZJ, and there was one song that he performed (Sandy Lam’s The Night Is Too Dark) which made me think, “This guy could be a great soloist one day.” This song brings him a little closer to that.

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  5. The concept is way different than I expected. I also that the lyrics really lend themselves to being performed in multiple languages. It really felt like a hallucination of a circus with Jun being the haunted showman. Really enjoyable! He’s my bias in Seventeen and I’m really happy with this release.


  6. Jun is my absolute bias in SVT but with this song I felt a bit meh about it. It is a fantastic performance piece with his dancing and MV backdrops with his outfits but listening to the song alone makes me feel like I’m listening to a horror movie soundtrack.

    I think his ballads and covers really showcase his vocal talents but of course it’s great to see him explore and try something new.

    Here’s hoping he will sing an OST for his upcoming drama


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