Song Review: CRAVITY – Party Rock

CRAVITY - Party RockCRAVITY have had a very mixed discography, and that’s putting it mildly. There are some title tracks I find borderline unlistenable, but they’ve also got big highlights like Adrenaline. Luckily, this year has seen them veer toward lighter sounds, embracing the more upbeat side of boygroupdom. Party Rock is their most explosive joy bomb yet, bounding forward on bright, youthful energy.

This is a good match for CRAVITY’s charm. It’s also the sound I’d expected them to pursue when the members were first revealed on the Produce franchise. Party Rock doesn’t do anything new. It’s boilerplate boy group funk pop. But, it’s a sturdy example of the genre — punchy and shiny and pretty hard to resist. The underlying beat reminds me strongly of Golden Child’s 2020 track Pump It Up, though the track lacks the unique vocal touches of that single. Instead, Party Rock gets by on sheer verve. It never slows or strays from its core goal. Even the requisite second-verse-breakdown maintains enough upbeat elements to keep the energy aloft.

Melodically, Party Rock plays as you’d expect it to. I’m not sure how the chorus will age, but I felt the same thing about Tempest’s Can’t Stop Shining and that’s grown into a real highlight for me. If nothing else, I appreciate the bigness of Party Rock‘s sound. The song hits you over the head with one catchy hook after another. It ain’t subtle! And regardless of its long-term fate on my playlist, this is a boy group style that’s closely tailored to my personal taste.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

11 thoughts on “Song Review: CRAVITY – Party Rock

  1. This feels like Art of Noise hanging out with the Time, but not quite as funky as I’d imagine. I like it quite a bit. It’s so much better than the perfectly executed and completely soulless Boogie Woogie. That read so much like lousy 70s glee club performance piece that I couldn’t even. But Party Rock is like the bait and switch of Beatbox and Drummin’ – far less party rock than advertised!

    I like Automatic and New Addiction from this one best, and Knock Knock makes the roller rink list. The rest of the b-sides are solid. Still holding out for another Veni Vidi Vici or the exuberance of Pow! from their last one. I just think more inspired songwriting could make a difference. Not in a consistent genre or style, they seem to like to be eclectic – just songs that can capture more of their bright personality. They are a group I want to like so much, but the barriers…


    • This is interesting, because I much prefer Boogie Woogie to this one! I haven’t heard the entirety of their new album yet so I’ll hold my thoughts on those songs, but I do think I enjoy Boogie Woogie a lot more than Party Rock because it’s so much more consistently upbeat and sounds a lot more groovy to my ears. Party Rock is also nice, but it lacks the punch of Adrenaline for me because as of now, I don’t feel it has a standout part that makes it easily catchy (aside from the last chorus) – but the ‘lean back baby, let me lead – a little boogie woogie is all I need’ part has been a bit of an earworm for me over the last couple of weeks. I agree that Boogie Woogie isn’t too much on its own either, but I find I enjoy the execution more there haha

      Veni Vidi Vici was an instant favourite for me though. Cravity’s musical direction has been a little frustrating for me as well, and I definitely wish they had something much more inspired that suits them better.


  2. I should hate this song from the start, I mean a lame-o title like “Party Rock”. And oh dear, the BTS signature “Oh yeah, Oh yeah” couplets are back in force.

    But with the funk–adjacent beat, its better than I thought.

    To be picky, the harmonies are canned, which is an obvious short cut. It’s the electric candle light on the dining table instead of a real tea light. For example, right at 0:53 and 1:43 when it comes around again just before the chorus hits, a group like Golcha would have added a chord build that adds higher and higher, perhaps ends on a wow! and =chorus=. And the bridge which is monotone would have been really interesting diminishes and 7ths and such and perhaps a bit acapella a la the rum pum pum’s in ONF Beautiful.

    Flat 8 for me.

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  3. Nice follow-up to Adrenaline, but I find it to be a little weak. The verses immediately evaporated into the air, as well as the pre-chorus. The centerpiece appeared to be better, but it still lacks more oomph, also, I fear how it will age. 8.25 at best for me (8,8,8,9).

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  4. ive had a really…….weird relationship w cravity so far. like i love the members themselves and i love watching their vlogs and variety content……at the same time though i just CANNOT get into a good majority of their music. but it seems starships finally broken their shit music curse once and for all…..i smiled

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  5. I like Adrenaline a lot better but I’m glad they followed up with this instead of another My Turn. It’s kind of running together with Boogie Woogie in my mind. The b-sides are all pretty good, I vote Automatic (a continuation of their car theme?) for Buried Treasure.


  6. Very reminiscent of Pump It Up!! Not quite as good, but it evokes the same good feels from me.

    Cliché, overdone, squeaky clean, childish, basic? I don’ t care. This is my dopamine.

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