K-Pop Risers & Fallers: September 2022

Risers & FallersRather than contain my “Risers and Fallers” feature to a single post in June, I’m going to share a bite-sized version at the end of each month. This will let me account for more songs and make a nice lead-in to the monthly round-up post.

I anticipate most of these ratings adjustments will be negligible: a 0.5 shift here, a 0.25 shift there. But, it’s a fun way to keep track of how my feelings on songs have changed over time – as well as which tracks currently have momentum on my playlist.

And remember, just because a song is marked as a “faller” doesn’t mean I hate it! Falling from a “9” to an “8.75” is no shame. 9+ rated songs occupy a totally different playlist in my music library, so I’m pretty particular about what qualifies. It’s a high bar.

This month’s feature covers the period from August 23rd to September 19th.


Billlie – Ring Ma Bell (What A Wonderful World) 
Rating: 8.5 → 8.75

Junji (OnlyOneOf) – Be Mine
Rating: 7.75 → 8.25

NCT 127 – 2 Baddies
Rating: 6.75 → 7

OnlyOneOf – Zurui Onna
Rating: 7.75 → 8

Rocket Punch – Flash
Rating: 8.25 → 8.5

Tempest – Can’t Stop Shining *Biggest Riser*
Rating: 8.75 → 9.25


Ha Sungwoon – Focus
Rating: 7.75 → 7.5

Key – Another Life
Rating: 9.25 → 9

Lee Changsub – Surrender *Biggest Faller*
Rating: 8.5 → 8

Lee Jinhyuk – Crack
Rating: 7.75 → 7.5


21 thoughts on “K-Pop Risers & Fallers: September 2022

  1. I’m really surprised surrender has fallen. I still give it a spin at least once a day, hooks are just so damn catchy and the fact it’s so short means it never outstays its welcome. I rarely sing along to a kpop song because of course I know doodle squat about the Korean language but it’s an easy one to sing along to. 2 Baddies has grown on me too but the chorus still feels really weak and is only bolstered by the decent groups vocal that only NCT can deliver.

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  2. I LOVE ‘Another Life’ but yeah it didn’t have that much-staying power. I think that comes from the fact the instrumental is a bit too simplistic and doesn’t have that many switch-ups. It is still for sure in my top 10 this year.


  3. Ring ma bell is definitely a riser for me. Didn’t care for it when I heard it, but it’s a 9 for me now. I like Can’t Stop Shining, but I don’t really go back to it. Same with Same Scent. Love love Surrender though and I’m obsessed with Billie’s album.


  4. Can’t Stop Shining is also really growing on me. I realized it reminded me of Cravity’s Cloud 9 except with a more interesting instrumental — just bright debut boy group at its best. Tempest is definitely shaping up to be a top rookie group of the year for me.

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  6. ‘Flash’ is definitely a grower for sure, first listen I wasn’t too sure but I quickly came to love it.

    Rocket Punch has been on such a quality streak recently, wish they could break through the GG barrier and find some success.


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  10. So “2 Baddies” grew on me in a big way… Unexpected but not inexplicable. That bass line is bouncy as all get out, and I tend to enjoy songs with bounce to them – apparently in this case bounce overcomes rap/chant-heavy, which I am biased against. Would still like to toss the lyrics into a trash can though, no matter how stupid catchy the rhythm is.


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